Alexis Mac Allister has been given high praise by an Argentina legend as he ensures Albion presence in the World Cup last eight.

The Seagulls star was hailed as a very intelligent midfielder by Sergio Aguero.

Manchester City’s record-breaking goal-getter also revealed he was one of the players who was ticked off for trying to call the Albion star 'Colo'.

Mac Allister is heading to the Qatar quarter-finals as a starter for Argentina after they beat Australia 2-1.

Aguero told ESPN Argentina: “He’s a very intelligent player. He positions himself, waits his moment.

“Against Mexico we didn’t see what he could do but he was always on his own.”

Mac Allister has spoken about how Lionel Messi told players not to call him 'Colo' when he joined the national squad.

The nickname means Ginger and was given to Alexis’s father Carlos, who also played for Argentina.

Aguero said: “He didn’t say anything to me but another team-mate said he didn’t like being called that.

“But Mac Allister is very long, I just wanted to shorten it a bit!

“He’s got a bit of colour.”

Argentina will face the Netherlands on Friday.

Mac Allister has started all three of their wins in Qatar and remains undefeated with the national team in 11 appearances.

Along with the rest of the team, he was given a day off yesterday and spent it with his family, who are in Doha.

Meanwhile, his Albion colleagues are now in Dubai for a period of warm weather training which will include a behind-closed-doors friendly versus Aston Villa this week.