Speedway will NOT be returning to Arlington Stadium.

But Eastbourne Eagles diehards have not given up hope of reviving their club.

The Save Eastbourne Speedway consortium have reported they have been forced to admit defeat in their bid to bring racing back to Arlington – but that hopes to return the sport to Sussex remain.

Hopes had flickered that Eagles could return to the track next year, having not raced since 2021.

Save Eastbourne Speedway say they have been told by the stadium owners the venue will not be available to them.

Steve Chantler, of Save Eastbourne Speedway, said: “It goes without saying that we are devastated to have been informed that the stadium will no longer be available to speedway.

“We have been working hard behind the scenes to secure media coverage for the sport, the necessary equipment to stage racing plus the right staff and investors to see the project through.

“We are determined to prove that the sport can be successful in Sussex, but now that the Arlington Stadium is closed to us it is back to the drawing board and the search for a new venue begins.”