Worthing are two steps away from playing National League after their win over Braintree in which 2,678 fans cheered them on, writes Carlos Acosta Juckes.

“This is what this town can generate, this kind of fanbase,” said boss Adam Hinshelwood.

Up until that game, their highest attendance came in the third home game against Eastbourne Borough with 1,662. The average attendance this season has been of 1,137 spectators per game. However, the Rebels manager said he would like to make this number more regularly.

“I want to get to a stage where this is just the norm, every home game they sell out. Hopefully we can keep this momentum.”

A wish that could come true should Worthing get promoted to the National League where more people would be attracted to go to the games, the club would get more media and therefore the attendance go higher.

But before that, Worthing will have to face Oxford City. A team which they have struggled to beat as they lost 3-0 in their away game.

Hinshelwood said: “Some people want to focus on the negatives, but it´s the facts. It´s our toughest game we´ve played.

“We played without our captain and Paxman wasn´t there. We have a lot of players back, it´s a tough test”: It´s not all negative as Hinshelwood men managed to beat them by a narrow margin earlier this season.

Worthing will be cheered by a sold-out away allocation of 550 today.