By Harlem Eubank

Let me start this column by sharing some big news with you all.

The importance of my homecoming fight, on Friday, November 10 at the Brighton Centre, has just been taken up several notches.

This morning, I can confirm to readers of The Argus that my bout with the experienced German Timo Schwarzkopf will be for the WBO Global title.

Victory, and having that belt around my waist, is a big deal. It will be my first pro title; it will give me a world ranking and move me closer to some major fights.

And this is what my homecoming fight is all about, it is about returning home and using Brighton as the launchpad for the next phase of my career where I chase those career-defining nights.

The prospect of headlining at the Brighton Centre, 32 years after my uncle Chris did, when he defended his world title, is truly exciting and, I hope, that November 10 is a night for celebration.

Since announcing the fight, the reaction has been incredible, so many people have reached out and said they will be there; people who may not have been able to get to any of my previous fights because they have been around the UK.

There has been the unmistakable sense that people are really behind my fight and that the great people of Brighton will come out in force to support me on this historic night for boxing in our hometown.

This is the first of three columns I will be writing for The Argus between now and Fight Night and I hope to offer you some insight into my preparations for the biggest night of my career.

The Argus:

And those preparations have received a significant boost in the last week, as you may be aware. My uncle, Chris Eubank Senior has officially joined the team in an advisory and management role, to help guide my career.

The world of boxing knows about this man’s wealth of knowledge, and he’s been keen for a long time to be involved with the team, and now feels like the perfect time for that to happen. It’s a beautiful moment ahead of my homecoming fight.

My uncle has always been there, on the end of the phone and behind the scenes, offering advice and support, but now he’s on board in an official capacity and I could not be happier about it.

The build-up to November 10 has been different to any of my other 18 fights, and how could it not be, but I have to remain focused on the job at hand.

Next week, I’ll take you inside my training camp and reveal how I have been preparing for my homecoming.

And if you want to come to the show, just visit to get your tickets – your support is hugely appreciated.

Take care, Harlem