Albion will come under the control of a Swiss team of officials in Athens.

Sandro Scharer has been appointed to the middle in their Europa League game at AEK.

He has compatriots with him on the ground and in the VAR room, where Lukas Fahndrich will work alongside his assistant Lionel Tschudi.

Scharer 35, is in his second year on the FIFA elite group.

He has shown 33 yellows and three reds in eight club and international games this season.

Two of those reds have come in his last two games, including one in the Czech Republic v Moldova Euro 2024 qualifier.

Scharer refereed both Tottenham and Chelsea in Europe last term and, two seasons ago, sent off Manchester City full-back Kyle Walker in Leipzig.

Across the last three campaigns, he has sent off 21 players in 63 games.