Set Bobby Zamora up in front of goal and he will put the chance away with relish.

We learnt that much during a playing career which was the stuff of dreams launched at the Theatre of Trees.

And I got a little reminder as we spoke in the unlikely surrounds of Brighton Table Tennis Club.

Zamora was in town to present a National Lottery Award to the club’s founder and driving force, Tim Holtam.

He spent a busy morning joining in, having a laugh, learning about the club and its members.

It is a while since he was in the city as a player – even the second stint was eight years ago now.

The club has changed beyond all recognition since he first arrived as a kid from London via Bristol Rovers.

But his onward travels have allowed him to experience pretty much everything in the game.

Including what the modern day Seagulls are going through right now as they attack on two fronts.

Zamora was in the Fulham side which went all the way to final of the first Europa League, after it was carved out of the old UEFA Cup.

The medal he got then was of the runner-up variety, thanks to Atletico Madrid.

But the memories endure – including of the route to the later stages and an evening with Fabio Cannavaro.

He said: “It’s a fantastic journey and to be honest with you at the start it didn’t come into our head that we would go all the way - but we did.

“After the group stage, it becomes serious.

“I think the group stage is enjoy the experience, enjoy it all, and once you are past that, it becomes serious.

“I think a lot of English clubs find that in the Europa League.

“You can win four or five games and you’ve won a trophy.

“I think Brighton are enjoying the experience and they will qualify.

“Then it will become, ‘Right, we really knuckle down’ and that is when you see the best of Brighton.”

There is a strong argument that Albion have already knuckled down.

If you recall, De Zerbi was accused, if that is the right word, by some of prioritising Europe over the Prem when he named his side at Old Trafford.

That was until the new-look side went out and played Manchester United off the park.

He has been spinning plates since then while trying not to be the Greek waiter.

Zamora said: “You have to juggle. Roy Hodgson did an amazing job with that.

“I didn’t play every European game.

“I think we had qualified or were doing very well in the group and I didn’t travel to a game in Russia.

“It was a five-hour flight or whatever it was and some of the boys didn’t travel.

“The rotation is very important.

“It is something Roberto, I am sure, will understand.

“The data he has is key and he is a fantastic manager and he will do an amazing job.”

Zamora has been impressed by how Albion have tackled the demands – and still refers to the club as ‘we’.

He said: “We’ve sold players, we have brought new players in.

“We have had a few injuries and European football but we are still doing very well in the Premier League.

“I think the expectation now is very high but all in all to be going to Ajax and winning, playing European football and Premier League football at the level they do week in and week out is no mean feat.

“I think they are in a great place and long may it continue.”

And long may the memories last.

Asked his abiding memory of that run with the Cottagers, Zamora said: “For me, the stand-out was beating Juventus 4-1 at home.

“Playing against the World Cup winning captain Cannavaro.

“Putting myself up against him and scoring goals.

“Nights like that will live with me forever.”

And how did that meeting with Cannavaro go?

There’s the set-up. Here comes the finish. Like on a wet and muddy afternoon at Withdean.

“Well, I stuck him on his arse and volleyed one in so….”

Followed by a laugh.

Great moments – and the sort Albion will hope to continue enjoying if all goes well in Athens this evening.