AEK coach Matias Almeyda said his side were missing a goalscorer in defeat by “200 million euro” Albion.

The Greek champions had numerous attacks against the Seagulls but drew a blank.

Albion rode their luck and have now not conceded in five-and-a-half hours of Europa League football.

Their starting XI in Athens featured three players who came through the ranks and arguably at least three bargain signings.

Almeyda said: “My feelings are mixed.

“I am very satisfied with the performance of the team.

“We were really competitive against a great opponent.

“There are wins and defeats you see in a different way.

“This is a defeat which knocks us out of the Europa League but also a defeat we can look at in terms of how we played.

“We raised the bar in terms of our play.

“Obviously I’m unhappy because we lost and for all that means, with the commitment and the passion and the love, and for our fans, who have a unique energy.

“We played team which cost, I don’t know, 200 million euros and we were competitive with 11 against 11 and also with 11 against ten.

“We conceded nine goals in the group and six of them from penalties.

“There are things to look at, to correct.

“In the first half at Marseille we were second best but today we were at the required level.

“I think scoring goals is costing us a bit at the moment.

“We are creating chances.

“We didn’t have our goalscorer and I’m sure in matches like this, (Levi) Garcia playing at No.9 would have scored a goal.”