Albion came back down to earth with a frustrating defeat at Chelsea.

It was one with numerous talking points – including VAR and refereeing decisions.

We asked four long-time fans for their thoughts on the 3-2 setback at Stamford Bridge.

But we couldn’t leave it there so we then revisited Europe and Albion’s feat in securing qualification.

1. What were your thoughts on Albion’s performance at Chelsea?

James Heasman: It was a very frustrating game, ruined by a totally inept refereeing display. Brighton were definitely the better side, but I think the substitutions actually caused us to lose momentum for a spell, rather than lifting us. Once again our decision-making in the final third was poor, and the goals we conceded were very disappointing. With Brentford next, it is a real concern how much we struggle from set-pieces.

Alan Brownings: To be honest given Thursday’s game and the growing injury list I wasn’t expecting much, but actually we did OK and in different circumstances might have got something.

Colin Beales: The Albion looked worthy of at least a point for this one having battled back, but maybe didn't play as well vs. ten to overcome some shocking refereeing and VAR re-refereeing the game.

Tim Ayling: You can't fault the wok rate and even some of the quality of play. We probably didn't threaten enough before Chelsea scored their third, but all in all we played well and deserved more.

2. Who stood out for you from the Albion team?

James Heasman: I felt Igor Julio did well, as did Jan Paul van Hecke who led by example. It was a shame Jack Hinshelwood and Adam Lallana came off, as they were also playing well. However, I think this was arguably Billy Gilmour's best game for the club, so I'll go with him.

Alan Brownings: Billy Gilmour returning to his old club and looked lively all afternoon.

Colin Beales: I'm struggling for a stand out performer on this one. Lots of bodies putting in a good shift whilst obviously tired but maybe a standout performer could have swung this game for us.

Tim Ayling: Buonanotte was our best player in the first half, which is really encouraging. I was really surprised he was taken off given his performance and fresh legs, especially as Adingra wasn't having a good game. I would say Gilmour was our man of the match though, he dominated their midfield. That will be £130m to buy him back, Chelsea!

3. Was it always clear to you what was going on with key officiating decisions in the game?

James Heasman: No, another sad indictment on modern football. Howard Webb has somehow managed to oversee a further deterioration in the quality of referees rather than improve it. A billion pound product with national league level officials. VAR may or may not have got the decisions right (I have yet to see replays). What we do know is that as paying supporters we deserve more than just guesswork.

Alan Brownings: Nobody in the ground knew what was going on at the end, we thought the ref had given a corner and when he was summoned by VAR we thought we were getting a penalty, we got neither and I still don’t know why.

Colin Beales: I'm guessing you're alluding to the fact many in the ground missed the fact the ref had given a penalty? I'm more worried that, like the Forest penalty, our decisions are repeatedly re-refereed. I'd like more clarity on what a clear and obvious error means these days.

Tim Ayling: Yet another week with an utterly shambolic performance from the ref. How VAR can overturn Chelsea's penalty is beyond me, and then not on a similar foul on Mitoma later on. Caicedo should have been sent off twice, the time wasting from Sanchez... It goes on. I don't remember the standard of refereeing being this bad in the 35 years I've been going regularly.

4. Let’s end on a high – what about Albion’s achievement in progressing in Europe?

James Heasman: We have been fortunate to attend both home games and two away games so far. The achievement in getting through to the knockout stages, is unbelievable. Our fans have been amazing both in terms of support and behaviour, and it is clear that the players really appreciate the support........ The refereeing has been better as well!

Alan Brownings: An amazing achievement and beyond anything we could have ever imagined… let’s hope we can beat Marseille, miss a couple of games and be into the last 16!

Colin Beales: Athens was fantastic, a trip of a lifetime with a result rather than a performance that will live long in the memory. Such a brilliant time to be a Brighton fan. Enjoy every moment!

Tim Ayling: Amazing, especially given the group we had. To do with a game to go is exceptional. I hope the Amex gets itself up to help the team win the group. We could do without the extra games in February.