Albion have asked UEFA why their fans were affected by tear gas in Athens.

Chief executive and deputy chairman Paul Barber revealed investigations were ongoing into post-match scenes at AEK as he welcomed fans to last night’s game against Brentford.

He is not happy about the post-match incident in which Seagulls supporters were inadvertently affected by tear gas meant to deal with a problem in home areas.

Equally, he also recognises European travels will take the club and their followers into situations rather different to those they find at home.

In his programme notes, he wrote: “We fully appreciate how upsetting and uncomfortable the effects of tear gas can be and we are really disappointed our fans were directly affected.

“Sadly, we do know that policing in many European countries is very different to what we fans are used to here.

“Nevertheless, we have asked UEFA for an explanation.

“Similarly we also know that, whilst AEK were generally very warm and accommodating hosts, facilities for our fans were limited, reflecting the fact that away supporters are rarely accommodated at domestic fixtures in Greece and so stadiums are. it designed with segregated facilities.”

Barber praised the impeccable behaviour of “the overwhelming majority” of more than 1,700 Albion fans in Athens.

He also wrote about the banning of three supporters following incidents at the win in Amsterdam and added: “The best advice for avoiding a ban in the future is don’t throw beer.

“I don’t think we can be any clearer.

“This behaviour is not representative of the vast majority of the thousands of Albion fans who continue to represent the club in such a positive way at our European games.”

Albion now build towards the visit of Burnley on Saturday before the battle for top spot in Europa League Group B next Thursday at home to Marseille.