Mikey Harris wants to see more threat from Albion as he takes charge of his third game.

But he is happy they have the fitness to play the football he wants.

The interim head coach is preparing his ide for an FA Cup test by third-tier Wolves at their Telford base on Sunday (1pm).

Albion went out of the Conti Cup in midweek, losing a penalty shoot-out after extra-time against Aston Villa having led after an impressive first 45 minutes.

The intentions in possession against Villa looked familiar to anyone who was seen much of the club’s senior or under-21 men.

Short passing from the back, one and two touches, confidence, options, angles, movement - all with a view to create spaces further forward.

Vicky Losada saw a lot of the ball, Maria Thorisdottir looked particularly comfortable with it and all worked pretty well – until Villa got on top after the break.

Harris, who has moved across from the men’s academy, said: “The intention is to dominate the ball and I think you can hopefully see from the structure we are trying to put in place, it gives us the positional disciplines, the positional play to try and do that.

“There is loads we can do better with but dominating the ball would be one key principle we are looking to do.

“If you want to dominate the ball, you don’t want large spells where you are letting the opposition build and retain the ball in their own way, on their terms.

“From our perspective, a big part of our principle is the out-of-possession structure, the pressing strategy, being compact when we can’t press and trying to win the ball back as quickly as possible so we can dominate it again and try to create some opportunities to score.

“I think that’s the bit we need to add on now after reviewing the last couple games.

“We need to be more of a threat, certainly in the final third.

“That’s what we have been working on and will be working on over the next couple of days.”

Albion’s best football in their two games under Harris has been in two first halves and they have then fallen away.

For balance it should also be pointed out their recent win over Bristol City was secured in added time and Lee Guem-min had a chance to do similar versus Villa.

Harris said: “I think particularly looking back on Wednesday, my sense on the night was we did struggle to sustain the pressing style we wanted.

“Actually watching the game back, it wasn’t quite like that.

“It wasn’t a case of running out of steam.

“I just think we possibly were a bit mentally fatigued and we just weren’t quite making the right decisions, which then means if you are trying to press high and you are trying to go after the ball, if there are a couple of players who might have switched off and are a little bit late, that can have a real knock-on effect.

“I have no concerns over the players’ physical capabilities to do what we want to do.

“I think it is just about us, as a staff, helping them make the right decisions.”