Crawley’s boss Scott Lindsey was ecstatic after his side won 1-0 at AFC Wimbledon, writes Nick Park.

A goal by Danilo Orsi kept Reds in the race for the final play-off spot in League Two.

Lindsey said: “I thought it was a difficult game. Certainly in the first half, when they brought a lot of balls forward.

“We kind of changed the way we pressed.

“We got a little bit more pressure on the ball in the second half which allowed them to kick their direct balls from a deeper position which made it easier for us to defend against.

“In the first half we were allowing them to come to the halfway line and sticking balls on us.

“I thought we were outstanding with the ball. Some brilliant performances tonight. So really, really pleased.

“I always felt that we could score tonight for sure.

“It wasn’t a game with load of chances for us but I did feel because we were dominant with the ball, I did feel that we could create something that would win us the game.

“The biggest thing from me from a coaching point of view is a clean sheet.

“We’re delighted but we know that there is still a long way to go.’ This was no easy assignment and there were difficult struggles during patches.

Their opponents are perched high up the League Two ladder as well.

The hosts initially pressurised. They earned a free-kick when Crawley’s Jay Williams impeded Omar Bugiel in an extremely dangerous position - straight and within the middle of the D.

Wimbledon’s Armani Little was given the honour but his fierce strike was palmed away by Corey Addai.

AFC Wimbledon’s Josh Kelly was a lethal weapon at first, blasting wide after dispossessing the defence.

Crawley became aware of his capabilities and looked to keep him silent.

However when he whipped in a cross to Josh Davison, his colleague failed to capitalise.

Crawley’s first major chance stemmed from a corner by Liam Kelly which Wimbledon’s goalkeeper Alex Bass managed to tip it over.

Following the interval, Davison tried a lob which floated over the bar.

He tried his luck also when being given the ball prior to sliding and having a crack but Addai was able to thwart the danger.

James Tilley produced another whack from a distance that flew over. But it was notable that there was more fire in Crawley’s bellies.

A belief that victory could be possible was blossoming.

Crawley’s Ronan Darcy tried a low crack from outside the box but on this occasion Bass saved comfortably. The decisive punch came in the 78th minute.

A throw-on was unleashed before a scramble commenced in the box.

It inevitably fell to Orsi, who slotted the ball home from close range.

The Crawley fans who were already in fine chorus chanted even louder.