Julio Enciso has been told to hit the ground running when he returns from injury.

The Paraguay forward, 20, could enjoy his first playing time in six months as Albion tackle Everton.

He has been ruled out by knee surgery but will be on the bench today.

If he gets on, there will be no time to ease himself in.

Head coach Roberto De Zerbi said: “Why not? Enciso is a top player.

“He is young but the most important part is that he is a big talent and a big player.

“My expectation from Julio is very big.

“I would like him to help us to win in the FA Cup and the Europa League.

“I don't want to know the age of the player, I want to see quality, personality, courage, energy and other things are not my business.”

Asked when he wants to Enciso at his best, De Zerbi replied: “Immediately! Physical condition is important in football but more important is motivation.

“I think Julio has more motivation than other players in our squad.”