Albion have been told they cannot take Liverpool by surprise this time.

Jurgen Klopp said he had “no clue” what to expect when Roberto De Zerbi took charge of the Seagulls for the first time when they went to Anfield last season.

The visitors raced into an early 2-0 lead before drawing 3-3 in front of the Kop, helped by a Leandro Trossard hat-trick.

Albion return on Sunday with De Zerbi no longer an unknown quantity.

Liverpool boss Klopp said he enjoys watching Albion will play as he spoke to media ahead of the match.

Managers tend to say nice things about their opponents at press conferences but Klopp went into some depth.

He said: “We know how difficult it is against Brighton.

“Roberto is doing an incredible job there.

“It’s different game against Brighton, definitely.

“I think we have improved over the 18-20 months since he is there.

“The first game was surprising.

“We were their first opponent after he joined the club. We had no clue what to expect.

“We knew how he played at his former club, we knew what Graham (Potter) did but nobody knew how that would look in the end.

“It was impressive how quickly he got the team in his way.

“Since then, it has only got better. Really impressive, a different way of playing football.

“We need a really, really, really good atmosphere and to understand the game as well.

“It’s in possession. They want possession and we want possession.

“We really need to have more possession than we have had in recent games against them.

“That is the best way to defend against them.

“When they have the ball you have got to be ready to suffer.

“It is not a normal pressing game.

“You have to play them in a different way.

“It goes a bit against our rhythm which we usually like. We have to break their rhythm.

“It will be super-interesting. I’m really looking forward to it but, with all respect to Brighton, we want to win this game.

“Will it happen? I don’t know but we will give it a try.”

Klopp smiled and applauded De Zerbi after Liverpool lost 3-0 at the Amex last season.

He said: “I couldn’t coach that. It goes against my personality but it is a good watch.

“It is very demanding for the players.

“It is clear positioning. Hold your position, keep your position, pass in the right position, pass at the right moment.

“He’s a top coach, he’s doing really well, it’s super-interesting to see.

“I like watching them, to be honest. That makes it tricky. It’s just a different way.

“It’s possession-based but even more structured from a positional point of view of each player than maybe Manchester City or whatever, where they have a bit more freedom.

“But they do really well and on their day, they can beat any team.

“But, now good news, we can do that as well and we will try.”