Roberto De Zerbi has revealed why he still wants to talk to Tony Bloom about plans for the future.

But he says they are normal conversations between a head coach and an owner.

De Zerbi was speaking ahead of the trip to Liverpool, which was built up in some quarters as a possible audition for him to succeed Jurgen Klopp in charge.

Asked whether he could guarantee he would be in charge of Albion next season, De Zerbi gave an explanation of how he saw his situation.

He remains under contract until 2026.

De Zerbi said: “I want to speak with my club. I have a contract, which is not a problem.

“The problem is to find the same plan for the future.

“I have not decided my future, and I want to speak with Tony Bloom to understand his plan and then we will take a decision together without problems.

“My relationship with my players and the fans can’t change depending on the future.

“What we have done is history and no one can forget it.

“I live for football 24 hours a day and I want to know what the project is.

“If I don’t feel comfortable or the right motivation, I can’t stay anymore.

“At the moment it’s not possible I can sign a new contract.

“We spoke but we didn’t find an agreement.

“But the contract is a part of the future and is important for everyone, but it’s a small part.

“The big part is the plan. We have to speak to the club, which is a normal thing in football.”

It was put to De Zerbi by The Argus that he might already have a good idea of the club’s “project” and the scale of Bloom’s ambition.

But he said that needed to be discussed on a season-by-season basis.

De Zerbi said: “I think I have a clear idea but the question is last season we reached sixth place in the table.

“The point is if we can fight, if we can compete to reach the same position.

“Otherwise we have to know at the beginning we could do less than we did.

“And for me it’s not right.”

He added: “Last season I decided to stay without doubt because we spoke, me and Tony, after the season, about the plan for this season.

“Every coach I think, in every team, speaks with the owner and they find the agreement to follow together or not.”