Mikey Harris calls the players he brings off the bench his “finishers” rather than substitutes.

He is delighted with the way they are helping his side to strong conclusions to games as they climb the WSL table.

Albion go to West Ham tomorrow (3pm) with no relegation concerns and eyes looking up the league.

After his first two games in interim charge, against Manchester United and Aston Villa, Harris was asked by The Argus about his side falling away after strong first-halves.

That has changed. They scored late to win at Leicester City and produced a super-charged finale at Bristol City to convert a 4-3 lead into a 7-3 victory.

Even in defeat to Manchester City, they were going strong at the end.

So it was only fair to ask Harris whether, in his eight games in charge, getting better as the game went on – rather than fading – had been a priority.

He replied: “We have seen an improvement.

“It has not been a specific thing we have gone after.

“My instinct would be it is a result of the processes we have been working on over the past few weeks and the increased intensity in training.

“The understanding of the philosophy and identity and developing our knowledge and our ability to connect the players with that.

“I think, with all of that, as a by-product you get stronger finishes.

“I think it is something that has happened as a result of the work the players have been doing and their application and their attitude to everything we do, whether that be on the pitch or off the pitch, in meetings.

“As I have said throughout and I will continue to say, this group really impresses me with their application and their desire to get better and improve.”

Madison Haley came off the bench at Leicester to score the equaliser and tee up Elisabeth Terland for the winner.

Lee Guem-min came on to score the late goal against Manchester City and Maisie Symonds has done good work off the bench.

And then, with the Foxes pressing hard last week, there was the sight of experienced Emma Kullberg, who had just come on, getting the ball and taking it all the way to the corner flag to preserve the result.

That was a shrewd way to finish the contest.

“Finishers,” Harris said when reminded he does not use the word for his players on the bench.

“We have the starters who obviously try and get the team in a position where we can win the game.

“And we have the finishers to come on and do their bit.

“They did that well last Sunday.”

While not a headline-grabber, Li Mengwen did a good job on her return to the XI at the King Power for an Albion side who had to defend strongly at times.

Harris was not thrilled by the performance at Leicester.

He said: “I wasn’t overly pleased with our play with the ball.

“I think we are a lot better than we showed and I think the players agreed with that.”