Paul Barber says Albion get a great thrill from upsetting the Premier League super powers on the pitch.

Now he would love to see that lead to major silverware in what he sees exciting years to come for the club.

Albion’s chief executive and deputy chairman has signed a new deal taking him through 2030, which would give him 18 years’ service at the club.

He said Albion are upsetting the pecking order in the mega-rich world of the Premier League.

And that can give hope to other clubs of similar size.

Barber told The Argus: “One of the things that helped convince me to sign here is Tony Bloom, his vision - and the vision as far he is concerned is constantly evolving.

“In 12 seasons here, almost every season has been different.

“We have been able to build on progress from the season before, either on the pitch or off the pitch. Sometimes both.

“That is what I am excited about here.

“We have got a great management team, a really good board, good staff, great infrastructure and we feel there is more we can achieve.

“It would be amazing to win a trophy for the club and be part of that.

“That would be a significant landmark in our club’s history.

“But also just to continue this line of being able to compete with much bigger clubs with much bigger resources and on a fairly regular basis hurt them on occasions.

“That gives us all a massive thrill because that is top-level sport, great entertainment and it gives people real hope and encouragement that other clubs of Brighton’s size and stature can come through and do similar.

“It’s good for the game as a whole, I think, when we are able to do that.

“That gives me a lot of pleasure.

“I must admit, when I joined Brighton, I wasn’t sure how far we could go.

“Tony has convinced me over a number of years that there is no ceiling, we can keep pushing.

“I have really enjoyed being part of that with these guys and I am genuinely excited about what the next six or seven seasons can bring.

“That is why I agreed to stay for that long and I am delighted to have done so.”