Vicky Losada has always been an admirer of how Albion’s men play under Roberto De Zerbi.

But the women’s team captain and senior professional has been watching them even more closely in recent weeks.

Albion are looking to produce a similar type of football in the FA WSL as part of what is seen as the club’s preferred way of playing.

Losada is at the heart of it, with years of experience at the highest level and a solid grounding at Barcelona.

She has been trying to make it work for the Seagulls out in the middle, be it as a deep-lying midfielder through whom everything goes or further forward, off the front player and leading the press.

Losada has noted the men did not find the adjustment straight forward when De Zerbi succeeded Graham Potter.

But she can see progress – and could do without the break in proceedings which follows Saturday’s final game of the season, away to Arsenal.

Asked whether she studied the men’s team, Losada told The Argus: “I watched them a lot last year and I have been watching them now.

“But since Mikey came I have been watching them in a different way, trying to understand.

“Looking at the midfielders, the No.10. What they do, how they change their space.

“It’s not easy – it’s not easy for them either!

“Probably the first game we had with Mikey made an impact on the opponents because they didn’t know.

“I think now the teams know how we are going to play and we are also developing to the next level to have more options to get through teams.

“It is not easy but we are enjoying it.”

Losada felt Albion were not as good in their execution as they had expected themselves to be when they lost 1-0 at home to Aston Villa last time out.

But she sees progress in what they are looking to do and the options they now have.

She said: “You are going to invite them to come if they are not pressing, to then play in behind.

“If they are in a low block, you are going to be patient, trying to play around them.

“We have so many options but the most difficult thing is king decisions in the moment, in the game.

“Not making mistakes. Being tidy.

“The game changes all the time, in one or two seconds.

“We know how we want to play but the execution has to be better.”

Losada signed what was described as “a long-term deal” with Albion last summer so would appear to have a significant role in the way the team will look to develop and progress, be that under Harris or a new head coach from pre-season.

But the great thing is she believes in the way they will look to play.

She said: “I think it suits me better. That’s obvious because I like possession-based football.

“I am enjoying it so much. It has been really exciting for me to see different ways of playing.

“I have been watching Inter of Milan, Brighton, Barca, which are all possession-based but different ways of getting through.

“It is just more knowledge for the team.

“It’s a shame the league is just finishing because we are looking better every week.”

As well as playing for Albion, Losada is a studio guest for ITV in their coverage of LaLiga, keeping a close eye on tams such as side as the Madrid giants, Barcelona and, these days, Girona.

There is the option to pass that sort of knowledge and first-hand experience on when discussing matches with Harris.

She said: “We always speak about the situations of the game, what we think.

“But in the end I think the style is very clear for me and for us in the games.

“It is more the decisions we make in the games.”

And the more often Albion play and train in a certain way, the better that decision-making should become.

“Yes, we need more time.

“We need to train more, we need to be in these situations.

“I think in the start we had teams pressing high so then the build-up was hard but then we really improved.

“Now the build-up is really good.”