Roberto De Zerbi told his Albion players he was leaving after lunch on Saturday.

The head coach and senior club staff reached agreement that he would leave the club on Friday evening after continued talks.

Earlier in the day, De Zerbi had spoken in a press conference about how next season could look.

However top-level discussions later that day proved to be the end of his tenure. 

Albion trained on Saturday morning ahead of their match against Manchester United.

De Zerbi said: “I wanted them to work well in training.

“After lunch I told them the decision.

“They showed me their disappointment.

“I am very proud of my relationship with them.

“Not with all players I have the same relation. That is a part of me.

“I had some bad relationships, not this season but last season with some players.

“One of the secrets in a relationship is to be yourself in every situation. Sometimes people can think you are tough, you are too strong.

“But to be honest is always a good thing.”

He added: “Friday evening was when we didn’t find agreement and we decided together.

“I wanted the players to know the news from myself, in front of my players.

“I asked it to be myself to inform my players.

“I don’t like when players know something from the newspaper or something else.”