Roberto De Zerbi hopes to be back in football for the start of next season.

But he will keep up to speed with the game whatever happens.

The departing Albion head coach is also keen to return to the Premier League at some stage.

De Zerbi bowed out with the Seagulls after their 2-0 defeat at home to Manchester United.

He said: “For sure, if I have to stay at home three, four, five months, it should be not a problem because I will work.

“I will work studying different games, different teams, the style of different coaches.

“Football is in development, every year it is different and you have to keep the level if you want to stay at the top.

“Without football, it’s not so easy for me but I will smoke more cigarettes!

"I hope to find the solution before the season starts. But at the moment, there isn’t any team.

“Yes, I hope to work but otherwise I will watch 100 games per week, more or less, waiting for the next chance, the next solution.”

Asked if he would be keen on a return to England, De Zerbi said: “I hope to work in the Premier League again.

“I don’t know when, I don’t know where.

“For me it was an honour to work in the Premier League.

“The stadiums of the Premier League are incredible.

“The atmosphere of the Premier League is unique.”