Bart Verbruggen has the confidence of a nation as he goes into the Euro 2024 quarter-finals.

But a Dutch football expert, Albion cult hero and former defender says he would not be feeling quite so comfortable if he was playing in front of Verbruggen’s England counterpart.

The current Seagulls star will be in action this evening as Holland face Turkey in the quarter-finals.

Before that, English eyes will be on Pickford and company as they face Switzerland at the same stage of the tournament.

The Dutch cruised through to this point with a 3-0 win over Romania having produced a rather mixed group stage.

They ended that part of the tournament with a 3-2 defeat by Austria but that result did them no harm given what developed in the round of 16.

Hans Kraay, the former Albion defender who is now a top analyst for ESPN in Holland, has been impressed by Ronald Koeman’s choice between the posts.

Kraay told The Argus: “I don’t think Bart was to blame for any of the three Austria goals.

“He is so relaxed. He is good on crosses, good with reflexes and he played very well against France and Poland.

“There is no doubt among our supporters – and we have a lot of supporters, like England – that he is now No.1 for Holland.

“It is really surprising how a young man of 21 can be our No.1 goalkeeper.

“I interviewed him recently and I said, ‘Can you please stop all these crazy build-ups that you had to do with De Zerbi?’.

“Then he said, ‘I’ll keep that in mind, Hans’.

“De Zerbi wanted to have build-up in many different varieties.

“Ronald Koeman has told him not to take such risks and we are confident in him.

“I also said to him, when it goes to penalties, he has got a good reputation.

“Every question you ask, he is so confident and in control, never nervous.”

That reputation Verbruggen enjoys in Holland for saving spot-kicks is somewhat surprising for Albion fans, who have not seen any such evidence in this country.

Kraay added: “He said to me, ‘I’ve saved some penalties, I’ve let some in. Don’t worry about me’.

“But nobody worries about Bart Verbruggen.

“I think Bart will not come back to Brighton and accept the swapping role.

“He doesn’t want to swap every two weeks with Jason Steele.

“Bart has impressed me – and he is a better goalkeeper than Jordan Pickford.

“I get so nervous when I watch Pickford. He always seems to be doing three things at the same time.

“He’s coaching, he’s kicking the long ball.

“I don’t know. I think he is nervous himself.

“I wouldn’t be confident as a defender in front of Pickford.”

It takes a lot to make Kraay nervous, as Albion fans of a certain age will testify.

But Pickford has done it. And the Dutchman sees a lack of courage in England boss Gareth Southgate.

He said: “Talking about fear, Southgate has got Harry Kane, Jude Bellingham, Bukayo Saka, Phil Foden and they are never near the penalty box. Kane gets most of his touches on the halfway line.

“I know the analysts in England, like I am in Holland, have been speaking about it.

“But Alan Shearer shouldn’t be telling Southgate.

“Harry Kane should be telling Southgate.

“He should say, ‘I’m Harry Kane, I’m a top striker, I scored many goals for the national team and in England and now for Bayern Munich’.

“He should say, ‘Let me play 30 metres higher up the pitch and get my 55 touches around the opponents’ box – otherwise I pack my bags and go home’.”