Nick Nurse today insisted he is still committed to bringing Brighton Bears back to life.

But the former owner and coach of the dormant British League club admitted he could not guarantee in which league they would be playing.

Nurse is confident Bears will be back in action next season, be it in the BBL or a new league.

The future could hinge on meetings within the next few days.

Nurse parked the Brighton franchise for a season, leaving fans with no club to follow this winter.

Although Nurse announced his decision in the summer, the reality that they have no team is only now starting to hit home for many fans as winter approaches and the season gets into full swing.

He is currently involved with a new NBA development league team in his home state of Iowa but said: "The goal remains the same, to get the Bears up and running in the best league possible.

"Where that is right now is becoming a little bit tricky.

"I'm trying to figure out what looks the best option.

"I will get some feedback from fans and go from there.

"It's going slower than I would have liked. A decision needs to be made fairly soon."

Nurse has been linked with a proposed new league run by American group Synergie as well as talk of a Europe-based development league run by the NBA.

There is also the option of a Brighton franchise playing in the BBL next year.

Despite reports to the contrary, Nurse insists plans for the development league might not yet be dead.

And despite Bears' problems in sustaining European level basketball in Brighton, Nurse is convinced the city can support a top team.

He said: "I think it's possible but the overall direction of the league needs to be viable.

"Maybe it will never really take off but if you go back to the late Nineties the league had a title sponsor and Sky were televising games. That is what we need to get back to."