Mathew Ryan is measuring up well in the Premier League.

The shortest goalkeeper in the top flight has impressed team-mate Tim Krul ahead of Sunday's collision with the tallest, Southampton's 6ft 6ins Fraser Forster.

Albion's No.1, at just over six foot, is more than making up for disadvantages in height and reach with agility and nimble feet.

Ryan's form means Krul has yet to get a look-in since severing his long association with Newcastle to join the Seagulls at the end of the summer transfer window.

The Dutchman, who falls into the giant category himself at 6ft 4ins, is appreciative of Ryan's displays.

The Argus: Krul told The Argus: "Of course, height helps. Okay, he's a bit small. He's got a great spring, he has to compensate for that a little bit.

"I've got long arms so, making what for me is a comfortable save, he has to stretch a bit more, but he's making them.

"He's doing great. We got a clean sheet last week (at West Ham) and we are all working towards a higher level every day.

"That's nice because sometimes you've got a group of goalkeepers and one of them doesn't want to quite do that.

"We are all on it. Ben Roberts (coach) is keeping us as sharp as possible for the moment anyone has to be ready."

Albion's goalkeeper union also includes Finnish international Niki Maenpaa, displaced by Krul as second choice.