A GLOBETROTTING Albion fan is on a mission to leave the Seagulls’ mark on countries around the world.

Seaford man David Foster jets off abroad once a year with his wife Caley, and is aiming to gather souvenirs from each place to represent his team.

Their most recent trip was a two-week jaunt to Gambia at the start of the month, where 60-year-old David asked for a unique wood carving of Albion’s badge while at a craft market.

He said: “I challenged a local market craftsmen to carve me an original and unique carving.

“I asked a man ‘have you ever made something football-related?’.

“It wasn’t the type of thing he does, and he hadn’t heard of Albion.

“I wanted it to be unique.

“After paying a small deposit up front, I returned a week later to pick it up and pay the balance.”

David paid the equivalent of around £11 for the carving.

He said he “didn’t know what to expect” when he left the craftsman and was excited by what could be in store.

During his time in Gambia, where the couple were joined by Caley’s mother Doreen Sandalls, David managed to pop into a bar to watch Albion play West Ham and Stoke in the Premier League.

And he was happy with what he got.

“I am delighted with what he did,” he said.

“The carving looks great.

“It is a good replica and the end result is better than I thought.

“I wonder if this is the only Albion carving that has ever been done of this type.”

This was the second time he has included Albion in his holidays.

Last June, we reported on David and Caley’s trip to Canada to celebrate his 60th birthday.

They went to Niagara Falls, where the Albion fan got to light up the landmark in the blue and white of the Seagulls.

“I want to collect souvenirs from our holidays,” David said.

“That was part of my thinking when I was in Gambia.

“What I aim to do is to try to do something Albion-related that has not been done before.”

David and Caley’s next holiday will be in 2019.

However, they are not sure on their destination at the moment.

About his plans for the carving, David said: “It’s going to be hanging up in my office at home, next to my personally signed Albion top.”

David is now wondering what is the most unusual and unique Albion souvenir anyone has had and urged people to get in touch.

l What is the best, or most unusual Seagulls memento you own? Email amir.razavi@theargus.co.uk.