Does this table offer Albion more hope of another home win tomorrow?

Their clash with Arsenal pairs two of the four sides who have most depended on home results for their Premier League points this season.

Arsene Wenger’s men have taken 71.% of their 45 points at home.

Only Everton and Stoke have gained a larger percentage of their total points at home - or smaller percentage away going into this weekend.

Just behind them, Albion have taken a shade more than two-thirds of their points at the Amex.

The table was compiled ahead of this weekend's fixtures.

All teams have played 14 at home and 14 away except Southampton (15 at home) and West Ham (13 at home).

And all 20 teams have taken more points at home than away, which does not always happen!

Percentage of total points gained at home

76.5: Everton (26 at home, eight away).

73.1: Stoke (19 at home, seven away).

71.1: Arsenal (32 at home, 13 away).

67.7: ALBION (21 at home, ten away).

65.0: West Brom (13 at home, seven away).

63.3: West Ham, Huddersfield (both 19 at home, 11 away).

63.0: Crystal Palace, Swansea (both 17 at home, ten away).

61.1: Leicester (22 at home, 14 away).

59.3: Bournemouth (19 at home, 13 away).

56.4: Manchester United (35 at home, 24 away).

57.6: Watford (19 at home, 14 away).

55.6: Southampton (15 at home, 12 away).

55.2: Newcastle (16 at home, 13 away).

54.7: Chelsea (29 at home, 24 away).

53.3: Manchester City (40 at home, 35 away).

52.6: Liverpool (30 at home, 27 away).

51.4: Burnley (19 at home, 18 away).