PIERS Morgan says Albion are his second team.

So their stunning victory over his first love Arsenal gave the Sussex-based TV celebrity another chance to put the boot in on Arsene Wenger and his “pampered little prima donnas”.

Former Argus paperboy Morgan has long been campaigning for Arsenal to get rid of boss Wenger.

Their 2-1 defeat by the Seagulls at the Amex prompted the Good Morning Britain co-host to wade in, live on national TV this morning.

He said: “It was the nadir. It was one of the most spineless, pathetic, insipid, heartless, character-devoid performances I have ever seen from an Arsenal team.

“If you add up what they cost, it’s hundreds and millions of pounds, most of which they seem to have spent on their haircuts.

“If they put even a tenth of their energy in their hair as to playing football we’d win the Champions League.

“But they don’t.

“They are overpaid, pampered little prima donnas.

“Not all of them, Jack Wilshere is always exempt, it looks like he tried.

“The rest of them, honestly, I’d sell at least two-thirds of them.”

Former Daily Mirror editor Morgan was born in the village of Newick, near Lewes, and was a pupil at Chailey School.

He is notorious for his scathing Twitter tirades about his team’s performances and how badly he wants manager Wenger to leave the club.

During Sunday’s match, as Albion raced into an early 2-0 lead, Morgan was up to his usual tricks.

He tweeted: “Brighton are my ‘2nd’ team, most local to my village.

“Watched them a lot as a teenager when they stormed through the divisions.

“A part of me hopes they beat us 25-0 today, though even then Wenger would blame falling seagull sh*t for the loss & refuse to quit.”

Morgan also has a pinned tweet on his page with a further dig at the Frenchman.

Captioned alongside a picture of the two together, he says: “’The hottest love has the coldest end’ - Socrates.”

Perhaps it is time to swap sides, Piers.