Harry Kewell has hit out at fans who jeered one of his Crawley players.

The Reds boss has admitted he was shocked by their latest home performance as they lost 2-1 to Newport.

But he was also disappointed by what he felt was “disrespectful” reaction from supporters towards midfielder Aryan Tajbakhsh He has called for unity on the pitch and in the crowd as Reds prepare to host Carlisle on Saturday.

Asked by The Argus whether he was aware of criticism of Tajbakhsh, Kewell replied: “Everybody here has an opinion about football.

“I think he has done excellent since he has come in there.

“He tackles, he passes the ball simple. Everyone can make a mistake.

“Do I think it (the criticism) is warranted? Not at all.

“I think its disrespectful. The player gives his all.

“When a player gives his all for the club and the shirt I think everybody has got to be supportive.

“It’s not everybody. It’s one or two people.

“There’s not 60,000 people here so I hear everything. Do I appreciate it? No I don’t.

“I said here at the start, everybody has got to be together, not just individuals here.

“Individuals may win you games but teams win tournaments and competitions, That includes the fans as well.”

Kewell is looking to implement a passing style at the Checkatrade Stadium.

But Reds, who led through Mark Connolly’s header, were drawn into a route one battle by Newport.

Kewell said: “Nothing knocks me down.

“I love a challenge, I love to be put to the test but I’m a little bit shell-shocked, a little bit confused.”

He added: “It wasn’t my team. We lost all willingness to play, to get the ball down, to create chances properly.

“The players are all telling me they want to do it the right way, that’s great.

“But they have got to stand up and take responsibility on the pitch and do it.

“It was like a game of tennis and that is something I was furious with.

“I will have a really tough think about what and who and how we go about Carlisle.”