Chris Jordan expects friend and colleague Jofra Archer to rise to the occasion with England.

He believes his fellow Sussex fast bowler will be respectful to more experienced colleagues and willing to learn.

But Jordan certainly does not expect Archer to take any backward step in the quest for a World Cup place.

Both Jordan and Archer have been handed a chance to force their way into England’s final 15 after being called up for one-day internationals leading up to the main event.

Archer, widely tipped to make the cut, made headlines when saying he did not want to “step on any toes” in the England squad.

But Jordan, his great mate and cricketing mentor, can understand why he said it.

Asked if it was unfortunate Archer should feel that way, Jordan told The Argus: “Whether it’s unfortunate or not, he decided to say it. He’s his own man.

“I think you should see it as the humble person that he is.

“Maybe he didn’t want it to come across quite as it did. That’s just the humility in him and sort of the innocence in him.

“All he wants to do is give his best every day.

“I’m sure, when he puts that England shirt on, he will give 150%.”

The Sussex pair were due to travel together to today’s England get-together, with Archer now back from IPL action.

Jordan said: “I speak to him every day and he is obviously delighted.

“I won’t allow him to change and he is not that type of person anyway.

“He is a very humble kid. He puts his work in and deserves every single opportunity and accolade that comes his way “He is a very high quality cricketer and a very high quality human being.”

Asked how Archer will respond to the England spotlight, Jordan said: “I can’t see it being any different really.

“Every situation he has been put in so far, whether it be making his first class debut against a Pakistan team, making his debut for Sussex, maybe playing his first franchise tournament, his first IPL, every single thing that is put in front of him, he just seems to rise with it.

“That’s testament to his character, to his mindset, his skill, everything you can think of. It’s something to be admired.”