Javier Favarel can hardly believe how many headlines he has made for a goal he DIDN’T score.

Whitehawk’s Argentinean midfielder has spoken for the first time of his frustration at seeing a potential last-gasp FA Cup winner against Stourbridge ruled out.

His superb 20-yard volley which flew home a second after the final whistle at the Enclosed Ground on Saturday was big news in this country, not least on the BBC. But it has also made several headlines overseas.

Favarel, from Rosario, told The Argus: “The fact I didn’t score has made me more famous than if it had been a goal!

“But I wish it had counted because it was so important for the club. Things happen for a reason. I don’t know why.

“The story has been big not only in England but also in Argentina and South America.

“I didn’t even hear the whistle. I just concentrated on the ball and I shot. Only then I realised.”

Among those to feature the incident were national Argentinean newspaper Clarin and Spanish sports daily AS while ESPN’s South American channel described it as “an FA Cup scandal”.

Exposure given to the story has offered Favarel, who arrived in this country during the summer, an idea of how big the FA Cup is, even in its early rounds.

Favarel said: “Since I was a little boy, I knew the FA Cup was one of the best tournaments and the oldest one in the world.

“It is a privilege to play in the FA Cup and we hope to continue.”

What the stories did not pick up on was how big a moment this potentially was for the would-be scorer The former Estudiantes De La Plata youngster was brought in by compatriot Pablo Asensio as the centrepiece of the Hawks midfield.

But he has struggled for any playing time since Richard Hill took over as boss.

Then suddenly he showed what he could do with a wonder goal – which was taken away.

Favarel said: “I don’t think about it like that. I think about Richard Hill. I hope he saw he could trust me and every chance I get I will do my best, not only for him but for me and my team.

“I’ve been learning, not just from the manager but also the experienced players he signed.

“They play in a different way but I can get used to everything.

“When I go on to the pitch I try to be my best, whether it is two, five, ten minutes and also at training so the manager can see me.”