Pablo Asensio admits he is thinking about Whitehawk’s upcoming game at Ebbsfleet “day and night”.

But that does not mean he will take today’s visit from Maidenhead lightly.

The Whitehawk boss is stoking things up ahead of the trip to Ebbsfleet on Tuesday in a re-match of last term’s play-off semi-final.

He is keen to throw the “each game as it comes” mantra out of the window and start the hype already.

Asensio, who has added two new Brazilians to his squad, said: “Maidenhead is as big as you like but for us, Ebbsfleet is massive. We are coming for them!

“This is preparation for Ebbsfleet. We think about the Ebbsfleet game day and night.

“Maidenhead is another game in the middle that we have to take care of and we will take it seriously.

“But we are looking forward to playing Ebbsfleet away – especially away – and beating them.”

Hawks have added attack-minded right-back Luiz Felipe Idalgo Infante, commonly known in footballing circles as Lucho, to their squad.

He was previously in the Brazilian third tier.

They have also brought in Matheus Soares, who has played for Botafogo of Sao Paulo (not the more famous club of the same name in Rio de Janeiro) and had stints with Italian outfits Lucchese and Sandona.