Eastbourne Eagles want fans to help them strike the right note in the new season.

But they insist they will not be getting rid of their current victory anthem.

St Elmo's Fire is traditionally blasted over the loudspeakers when Eagles do their lap of honour after a successful night at Arlington.

The track is cued up to start at the line "I'll be where the eagle's flying, higher and higher" at the moment the team emerge from the pits.

It sounds a bit corny to newcomers but John Parr's soft rock No. 1 from 1985 has become a standard at Arlington, providing the home team win.

Master of ceremonies Kevin Coombes insists it will be staying.

But he is asking fans to offer their thoughts on what other tracks should be played before and after the 15 heats.

Among the best of the early suggestions is The Jam's David Watts for any race win by Davey Watt, who is back at the track this year.

The names may be slightly different but you could easily believe Paul Weller is singing "wish I could be like Davey Watt" when the track is played over the loudspeakers above the roar of engines.

Tracks by Hawkwind, Basement Jaxx, Blur and the Chemical Brothers have already been suggested.

Some of the riders' own preferences might influence the fans' thinking.

Captain Nicki Pedersen rates Queen as his favourite band while Dean Barker prefers RnB or funky house and, unusually for a speedway rider, admits: "I don't like rock music."

Coombes can expect a grilling from Eagles promoter Bob Brimson when they meet to discuss musical strategy on Tuesday evening.

Brimson has worked with a host of top acts in his days in the music business and will have strong ideas on what might work at the Sussex track.

Coombes will no doubt be keen to avoid cliched speedway tracks like Tom Hark or Kenny Loggins' Danger Zone, as heard on Top Gun (and the Arena-Essex start line).

Above all, he insists there is no place for a well-known Sussex anthem.

He told fans: "With the re-birth of Eastbourne Speedway this year I'd like you to think of new tunes that we have not used before to give our presentation a fresh and vibrant feel to it.

"So no asking for Sussex By The Sea."

Got an idea? Post it on the fans' forum at www.elite-eagles.com or email us and we will pass it on.