All being well, Albion will start next season with a Yes' to Falmer in the bag.

The club must capitalise on the resulting feelgood factor with a complete overhaul of the whole Withdean experience, which is dreary, stale and unprofessional.

Like it or not, it will still be the Seagulls' home for at least the next two seasons, so they must make the most of it and try to give fans better value for money.

The introduction of Gully's Girls is a start. Here are a few more ideas to help get Withdean rocking again.

***Bring back former Southern FM DJ Richie Reynolds as on-pitch announcer. He was used for a few matches in the Championship and galvanised the crowd.

He is wasted in the hospitality suite where he now works.

***Get the loudspeaker system working properly throughout the South Stand, where the majority of fans are seated, so they actually get to hear what is going on.

***Ditch the ridiculous pre-match supporters' quiz and make sure the music which is played in the crucial 15-minute window prior to kick-off is popular and upbeat.

***Play the Sussex By The Sea anthem immediately before the players emerge, then bring them onto the pitch accompanied by something more contemporary and inspiring, perhaps from Fatboy Slim's repertoire.

While they are at it, Albion should look at cutting costs by moving from their ultra-expensive and inaccessible base in the centre of Brighton to Withdean and reduce over-manning in certain areas of the club.

The money saved could be re-invested in the team to help improve home results which, at the end of the day, is the most effective way to fill those empty seats.

How would you improve the Withdean experience? Leave your thoughts below.