Chris Eubank Jr has no fears about a hostile crowd in Germany tonight when he faces the home favourite Avni Yildirim.

Brighton’s Eubank Jr defends his IBO super-middleweight title against undefeated Turk Yildirim in the quarter-final of the World Boxing Super Series.

Yildirim is expected to be roared on by about 4,000 of his countrymen tonight inside the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer Halle in Stuttgart.

His fans unveiled a banner with ‘Welcome to Hell’ written on it yesterday at the weigh-in but Eubank Jr, 28, is unfazed about being the ‘away’ fighter in a volatile atmosphere.

He told The Argus: “Apparently there are half-a-million Turks in Stuttgart, so I guess he will be the home fighter.

“He will have the majority of the crowd behind him but does that worry me? Not at all.

“I’ve been the bad guy at many stages in my career when I enter the arena and the guy most people want to see lose. It’s not anything new to me.

“All I’ve got to do is make sure I win and turn those people who don’t want me to win into fans by the end of the fight. The only way I can do that is by putting on a stellar performance, which I intend to do.”

It is often said in boxing circles that you have to knock a fighter out to earn a draw in Germany if you are the away fighter.

Eubank Jr knows that but does not expect any bias for Yildirim.

He said: “This is one of the first fights in the tournament and the last thing the people running it would want is to get things started on the wrong foot.

“They will not want bad decisions as that will do nothing for the brand and tournament.

“I believe the fights will be scored, judged and refereed fairly but I am not expecting the fight to go 12 rounds anyway. I am not worried about the judges as I don’t expect it to go the 12 rounds.”

Dad, Chris Sr, has again pleaded with referees to protect both fighters.

He warned middleweight Nick Blackwell he was in danger before the ill-fated fight with Jr which resulted in the Trowbridge fighter being placed in an induced coma in 2016.

He does not want to see that happen to anyone again and has put the spotlight on tonight’s referee Leszek Jankowiak.

He told The Argus: “The referees will now have to do their jobs - which is to protect both fighters.

“I want them to protect my son but equally I want them to protect the opponents of my son.

“In this tournament there are 50-50 fights, before it was 80-20 in opponent's favour, which I was happy with because that was equal for Jr. Now it’s 50-50, that’s 80% in Jr’s favour. Now watch what happens to these opponents.

“Now we have a 50-50 situation, from my point of view it’s not a fair fight for them and that’s because Jr has been parented, he hasn’t been trained.

“Trainers take them to the gym and put them through a monotonous cycle, when you parent a child you tell them things that look after them in the long run.

“These guys are fit and have been trained by trainers. They haven’t been parented by a fighter who was fierce and loyal to boxing and that’s the parenting these guys don’t have.”