CHRIS Hughton believes he has enough leaders in the dressing room to help Albion out of relegation trouble.

The manager has brought veteran captain Bruno back into his Premier League side for his experience and the example he sets.

Hughton said: "If I look at the game now, maybe when I managed at Newcastle we had probably four or five strong characters, maybe more.

"Speaking to other managers, the changing room is different now. Perhaps the screamers, shouters and organisers, who would get hold of people... your Nicky Butts and Nolans, there aren't so many in the game.

"I've got enough compared to others. I have strong characters and leader-types in the changing-room, more than probably most teams. Other teams will be different and have them in abundance, but we have enough.

"With Bruno, part of the reason was more for his experience. He's always been a different type of leader. He's not someone who'll scream and shout, dig you out. But he's someone the players look up to and he leads by example.

"He's a very good footballer who generally does everything the right way. Part of that is what he brings to the team. On the back of a couple of good games, he did well the other night (Cardiff). And also at Chelsea."

Hughton wants the players to perform without fear against Wolves at Molineux today.

He said: "What I can't do is fill them with fear. All I can do is tell them the exact facts: we have five games to go, we're two points above the relegation zone, and we don't want to rely on other teams. It's in your hands.

"The only things that will stop that happening is if we're not good enough in the end, or we don't work hard enough to make it happen.

"I don't want to put the fear into them, make them go into these games more fearful to enjoy the challenge. That's what it has to be. They have to enjoy the challenges of what these next five games will bring.

"It's not only Saturday's game, but it's going into playing against a Tottenham team (on Tuesday) in a new stadium – how good would it be to put in a performance to get a result there? They're positive challenges we're putting to them.”