Stand-in Lukas Dryml insists he is coming to Eastbourne for the season, despite only signing a six-week deal.

The 27-year-old Czech will ride for Eagles while Russian champion Denis Gizatullin secures a work permit.

Gizatullin has been delayed by new immigration requirements and has still to take a spoken and written English test in Moscow.

Dryml will start the season in the Russian’s place, bringing Eagles’ total team average close to the 39.90 point limit.

He reckons he can make himself indispensable by the time Gizatullin arrives.

The Peterborough asset said: “Officially I have signed a deal for six weeks but I’m taking it as signing for the season.

“I don’t want to go to Eastbourne and score so few points that they want to get rid of me again.

“I think there’s a better chance they will want to keep me for the season. I’m not thinking negative.”

Gizatullin comes in on assessed four-point average so Eagles could axe any of their initial one-to-seven to bring him in.

Promoter Bob Dugard has stressed there will be competition for places in the opening weeks with reserves Ricky Kling and Simon Gustafsson seemingly most at risk should he opt to keep Dryml when Gizatullin arrives.

Dryml is a big track specialist and admits the switch to 275-metre Arlington will not be easy but reckons the way his brother Ales adapted to the equally tight Wolverhampton circuit last year shows what can be done.

He added: “When I go to Eastbourne on Saturday for press and practice it will be my first ever ride on that bike so it will take some time.

“Hopefully I’ll get to practice on Sunday as well.

“I was really disappointed when Peterborough left me out because I felt my English league form last year was pretty good “I was really confident of going back to Peterborough but they signed other riders.

“I’m more than happy to join Eastbourne and I thank Bob Dugard and the club for giving me the chance.”

Spectators are welcome to watch press and practice for free from 11am on Saturday.

Dryml will be among the field when the season opens with the Dean Barker Farewell a week on Sunday (3.30pm).