When did you realise that you wanted to pursue a career in music, and what drives you?

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to pursue music, I have been singing from a young age and it’s my number one passion – a passion I would love to turn into my career. I always find that I buzz from sharing my ideas and from performing my vocals both onstage and in the studio!

Your solo project Mia Milla is a new venture, what inspired this next step for you as an artist?

I have just finished my university course at BIMM and everything suddenly fell into place. I have always been a songwriter but now finishing my degree I feel like I know who I want to be as an artist, and I’m excited for the future.

Are there any artists that you liken yourself to or are inspired by?

Eva Cassidy has always been my biggest singing inspiration. I listened to her as a child and have found a big personal connection in her voice. Even though the sound I’m currently producing has a darker more R’n’B feel to it, I think you can still hear that there’s a more bluesy influence in there.

Your first single as Mia Milla, ‘Breathe’, is an acapella piece. What prompted the decision to solely use your voice on the track, and what makes vocals so important to you in music?

I love to express my vocals and my range using interesting melodic lines. Dynamics are really important to me when I’m writing tracks because I feel that they will bring a song to life. I always wrote breathe to be an acapella piece, I think it expresses my voice and vocal style really well as being a fitting introduction to Mia Milla!

You studied at BIMM in Brighton, how has the university helped you develop yourself as an artist?

BIMM really helped me to meet like-minded people and allowed me to network with amazing musicians. I learnt important techniques which have helped me to understand more about my own voice and how to use it. I was very interested learning about the history of music and the origins of different genres, and of my own influences; I think it’s so important to study the history of popular music and stay connected to its roots.

Does living in such a vibrant city as Brighton have an impact or effect in your creative process when it comes to songwriting?

I think that inspiration for music can come from many different things and location of course can be one. Although I studied in Brighton and spent lots of time here, I actually live in Kingston near Lewes and so I also get a lot of inspiration from the beautiful rural scenery and countryside.

What do you think of the UK music scene right now, and where would you like to fit into it?

A lot of the musicians that I went to university with are now playing at festivals to crowds of thousands of people and I would like to see myself following in their footsteps! The music scene is very interesting to me at the moment, especially in London. I really love the raw, urban vibes associated with R’n’B and Garage. It’s also so refreshing to see young talent such as Jorja Smith and Mahalia being welcomed into the scene, and I think the way they highlight their British accents in their vocals really proves that UK music is being honest and unashamed!

What are your aspirations for your future in music, what more can we expect to see from Mia Milla in 2018 and 2019?

I would love to be able to hear my songs played on the radio and for more people to enjoy them. I’m going to keep releasing songs and gaining a bigger audience so that I can start gigging in different places across the UK and hopefully in other places in the world!