Wrestling is continuing its resurgence in the UK and Brighton’s own promotion, Riptide, is one of the companies helping that growth.

Just a week-or-so removed from their first birthday, Riptide is preparing for its next show, International Waters. With some cracking matches on the card, featuring indie wrestling stars like Toni Storm, Eddie Dennis, Chris Brookes, Bea Priestley and Chuck Mambo, it is set to be one cracking show.

Ahead of the epic night of wrestling, I caught up with the woman who has the unenviable job of ensuring that each wrestler gets a superstar welcome.

Rosa Rose is a Brighton-based musician, presenter, and now ring announcer.

It is her task to give every single wrestler their introduction to the crowd.

As well as the job, it is also the wrestling scene that is new to Rosa, “Before Riptide I knew about WWE and had seen the household names but apart from that my knowledge was very limited.

“I’d been friends with the promoter, Josh Bevan, for years. We’re both musicians and had been on the circuit together.

“He approached me last year and told me about Riptide and he said he wanted me to check it out.

“So I came down to watch a show and since then I’ve been absolutely hooked.”

From not knowing much about the scene to becoming an avid fan, Rosa says it was the crowd, above all, that kick started her wrestling addiction. “Seeing the audience react and being so responsive. Hearing people chant, and shout funny jokes was something I really loved.”

Of course the in-ring abilities were another hook. “The charisma of these wrestlers is incredible; the performances and all that’s going on in the ring is just amazing.

“At the end of the day there are very dangerous things happening in the ring that are very real, and it takes so much skill to do them, that’s another thing that really impresses me.”

Despite being new to the whole wrestling scene, Rosa has already got some favourite performers. “I love Candy Floss, I recently went to Progress and fell in love with Charlie Morgan as well. I love Jordan Devlin, he’s going to be at our next show, I watched him [against Will Ospreay] at Progress and they were flipping and turning and watching those two in the ring was absolutely mesmerising.”

Rosa made her in-ring debut in May at Riptide: Spring Break and she said that despite being fairly comfortable as an onstage performer, it was unlike anything she could have imagined.

“It is so scary being in a wrestling ring, I can’t even describe it,” she says with a twinge of nervous laughter.

“I’ve been singing and presenting for years, it’s in my blood, but stepping into a wrestling ring is a completely different kettle of fish. It might be because of the shape of it, or the fact you’re surrounded on three or four sides by an audience.

“It’s also very different to a solid stage, it’s a bit springy, and it’s a totally different experience and the adrenaline you feel is just a very exhilarating experience and it’s just nothing like presenting.”

Rosa is now firmly hooked on wrestling and as she gets ready to celebrate Riptide’s first birthday with a host of other wrestling fanatics, she says there is something special brewing in Brighton, “We’ve got a special flavour going on in Brighton and the audience we have is incredible. They’re so interactive to what’s happening in the ring and they bring a host of different chants.

“It’s probably going to be one of the most fun nights of your life so far, if you haven’t been to a wrestling show yet. It’s one of the most entertaining things you can do and everyone is welcome.”