Chris Ramsey is one of the fastest rising stars on the UK comedy scene. As he prepares to take to the stage at the Theatre Royal, Jamie Walker caught up with him to talk about the tour...

Hi Chris, how is the tour going so far?

Hello. It’s going brilliantly thank you. It’s my biggest tour yet in terms of venues, and audience numbers, which is really exciting.

You’ve entitled it the ‘Just Happy to Get Out of the House’ tour, does that mean you prefer life on the road?

In all honesty, my wife named this show, because she says I’m very hard to live with when I haven’t been on stage or performing...apparently I need that release or I’m a nightmare. I personally love being at home! Wish I was a YouTube star and didn’t have to leave my bedroom.

What’s your favourite thing about being out on tour?

The shows. By a mile. Everything else is just waiting for the shows. Literally sitting around all day, either in the hotel or in the van killing time until the gig starts


Alternatively, what’s your favourite thing about being at home?

I have to say my son first, obviously, but my wife a close second and my bed a VERY close third. As it’s summer, my garden too... when it’s not raining.

Is the Theatre Royal in Brighton somewhere you’ve played before?

I have never played this venue and I’m so excited to! I have always loved Brighton for performing. The crowds are awesome and the place itself is a joy to kill time in, so I’m really excited.

I noticed on your tour list you’ve got an August pause in your tour, but aren’t listed on the Fringe shows website, what will your August be filled with instead?

Hopefully as much doing nothing as possible! It’s my wife’s birthday in August and I’ve missed it for about four years in a I’ve had to make sure I don’t this year. I miss our anniversary though, so...swings and roundabouts. I keep telling her she can’t have everything.

You’ve also got your own TV show, what pressure does that involve, especially when you’re touring full on as well?

Thankfully we do them separately, or I think I’d have a breakdown! There’s pressure in both jobs really but TV is a bit more difficult just because there are so many more rules and reasons why you can’t do certain things. Stand up is a bit more freewheeling.

How does performing a TV show compare to doing a stand up set?

TV is very different from touring and I honestly love them both, but touring and live stand up is the best. Like I say, it’s less restricted. You can literally say or do whatever you want.

For anyone reading this, who is thinking of coming to your show in Brighton on July 6, what can they expect? What makes this show the one to watch?

They can expect me to talk about life, death, everything in between and some of the best advice anyone has ever handed out in comedy form. It’s honestly my best show I’ve ever done, and if you’ve ever watched anything I did on TV and thought it was need to see my live show!