If, like me, you grew up with, and still have, a passion for Star Wars, then you’ll know what it’s like to wish you could journey to that galaxy far, far away – preferably on the Millennium Falcon or a Star Destroyer.

Well, unless NASA make some remarkable improvements in space travel, and in making fictional planets a reality, that seems rather unlikely.

However there is a chance to meet one of the minds behind Star Wars, and it takes place in our fair county.

Robert Watts, the producer whose name has graced the credits of both Star Wars and Indiana Jones, will be visiting Worthing’s Assembly Hall for a day of discussion and story-telling about one of the most well-known franchises in the film industry.

Robert won’t be coming alone. Joining him will be Jeremy Bulloch, the man whose face never saw screen as it was hidden by the mask of Boba Fett, and Mike Edmonds, the furry character who nearly killed the protagonists as Ewok Logray.

Steve Heath is the man bringing these big screen stars together and says the day will be one that fans won’t soon forget.

The team have been doing their best to up the buzz (droid) for the show, Stormtroopers took over the town centre for two weeks in May and Steve has promised that even more of the Imperial might will be descending on Worthing on the day itself.

You may be wondering how this was organised? Why would one of the greatest minds in the film world be coming to Worthing?

Well, the answer is quite interesting. It all started when Steve met Robert and introduced him to a script he has been writing for a film. He said: “I was truly honoured that he would spend his precious time to help me.

“I was even more stunned when Robert said he loved it and considering it was my first attempt, the potential was there to see. He gave me some constructive feedback and I was now inspired to continue to learn.”

This pipe dream of a film has since blossomed into much more for Steve, and though he won’t tell me the full details, it seems that Sussex is set to welcome film crews once again. He said: “Robert has agreed to be executive producer and we are putting together the final pieces of the puzzle to get the project off the ground. The plan is to film in Sussex and it will be a huge opportunity for actors, musicians and local businesses to be involved. I can’t say much more at this time.”

Robert is excited about the project he and Steve are working on and can’t wait to see his old co-workers. He is looking forward to sharing his stories and said: “I’ve always been overwhelmed at the support of my fans at events. I enjoy so much sharing my experiences and stories with them.”

You may get a chance to ask Robert about this, or any other Star Wars or Indiana Jones based question, at the event. For Steve though, as an avid Star Wars fan, the pull of the day is very simple.

He said: “We’ve all seen the films so the fans now have the chance to hear stories straight from the heart from some of the main people involved. Come along and listen to some incredible stories. Ask the questions you want answers to and get the autographs of some iconic names from the movie world.”

Jamie Walker