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    mhaiti wrote:
    ZeeGee, ffs wrote:
    mhaiti wrote: March for england = a peaceful family friendly "parade" Hence why on their facebook page they have a flyer for the march of a st george's cross background with a skeleton clutching a burning union flag and a knife that says "we are ready" on it... Real wholesome family fun by the way nuttyju - WE probably get more of a kick from reading you and your pals' posts on facebook, one of which states that english people are suffering "oppression that has not been seen since the holocaust" Morons...absolute morons
    Maybe it's because of the threat of violence from the unwashed Lefties who hater this country and hate those who love it? If the UAF/Antifa/whatever ignored such events, there would be no need for the massive police presence increasing costs for the ratepayers of the host city. I shall be walking proudly from the railway station down Queen's Road on Sunday, and I will not take kindly to any intimidation from the scum bent on stopping me.
    Do you honestly believe what you write?

    If you geneuinely think that the only residents of Brighton that oppose your sham march are "unwashed lefties" then you must be mad.

    Brighton is a liberal city, in that we have a level of tolerance and understanding that you would obviously never understand. We take pride in our town and our way of thinking as do MILLIONS of our fellow countrymen and women in their own towns and cities. We have pride in a nation of toleratance and oppose a minority of narrow minded bullies who are fed paranoid drivel by the daily mail and the express and the "plethora of other websites" that you mentioned in a previous post. We know we are right and we hope that one day you come to your senses and realise just how silly you look to the vast majority of the country you proclaim to love.

    100 turned up last year...100! If that doesn't tell you anything about your support then nothing will...
    "We have a level of tolerance and understanding that you would obviously never understand"

    Yeah we are so tolerant that we throw rocks and bricks at anyone who has a different opinion to ourselves. I really don't think you actually read your post through.

    The way the UAF are using violence to try and prevent people from marching through Brighton is shameful and those who support their actions clearly understand nothing about how a democracy works.

    There are far better ways of showing you disagree with someone. It is precisely because the far left have tried to prevent any sort of discussion about issues such as immigration taking place through violence that the door has been opened for right wing extremists.

    I am left wing and always will be but I recognise that immigration has bought with it issues that should be openly discussed and those who wish to discuss those issues should not be automatically shouted down as fascists.

    I was not born into a country that now has some 4000 botched cases of FGM dealt with in London a year and no successful prosecutions for child abuse. I was not born into a country where state funded schools refused to teach evolution because of their religious beliefs and take it upon themselves to redact exam questions because they mention evolution. Nor was I born into a country that operates a legal system but also operates a system of tribunals at which religious law, sometimes islamic but also jewish, seems to take precedence over common law. The country I was born in has been changed in a way I disagree with and in a way I think that makes it a worse place to live in and this has been done through mass immigration, a policy suggested by the Treasury as a way of dealing with an ageing population but that was opposed by an overwhelming majority in every opinion poll I have ever seen on the issue.

    As a left winger I have a belief in science. I believe it is superior to religion in helping us understand the world. I belief it is a positive force in helping us move society forward. In my opinion because cultural relativism has been allowed to flourish it is arguable that my country has regressed not progressed over the last 20 years or so and beliefs that would have been scorned by left wingers 20 years ago, such as creationism, are now, because of cultural relativism, put on the same basis as scientific theories such as evolution.

    If you add to that the obvious impact on wages that allowing millions of low skilled immigrants into a country has on the working population of that country it beggars belief that the left in this country won't even acknowledge that there are issues to be discussed surrounding immigration and how it has impacted this country and its population. If the government had put in place the infrastructure to deal with this mass immigration, such as building more schools, hospitals and houses, perhaps the effects would not have been so dramatic. But they miscalculated in believing the Treasury's analysis that only young healthy immigrants would come to this country and they would leave after paying loads of taxes to go home.

    Instead loads of immigrants came, stayed and bought their families over and because of this the benefits of that mass immigration have been far less than the Treasury had anticipated."
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March for England route to be reviewed after Brighton road collapse

March for England route to be reviewed after Brighton road collapse

March for England route to be reviewed after road collapse

March for England route to be reviewed after road collapse

First published in News
Last updated

Sunday's March for England event may be moved following the collapse of a road, police have confirmed.

The annual nationalist march is due to be held along the A259 King’s Road, Brighton.

Earlier this morning (April 25) part of the road collapsed.

Workmen had been fixing a fire exit at the Fortune of War pub, situated below the road.

The hole is located where nationalists are due to congregate ahead of the march on Sunday.

A Sussex Police spokeswoman said experts were on the scene carrying out an inspection.

She added a decision would be made later today or tomorrow into whether the march should be moved further down the road.

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