Sherlock Holmes, Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne, Wednesday

9:30am Thursday 17th April 2014

The Pantaloons Theatre Company presented Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous Victorian detective as we have never seen him before in their unique production of Sherlock Holmes at the Devonshire Park Theatre.

Sophie Ellis Bextor, Concorde 2, Brighton, April 14

The Argus: Sophie Ellis Bextor, photo by Mike Burnell

12:35pm Tuesday 15th April 2014

This was a gig of two equally magnificent halves. To emphasise the fairytale/mystical theme of the first section – much of it from her just-turned-silver album Wanderlust – Sophie wore a red Gretel-inspired dress. From the music-box like flurries in When The Storm Has Blown Over, to the touching Young Blood, the upbeat The Deer And The Wolf and the shouty 13 Little Dolls, Sophie delivered variety in volumes.

Stephen O’Malley, Green Door Store, Brighton, April 13

12:31pm Tuesday 15th April 2014

When Sunn 0))) frontman Stephen O’Malley last played Brighton, his seminal drone act turned the Coalition into a malign cave of quadrophonic heaviness. This solo show lacked those theatrics but retained the depth and majesty of the band’s sound.

Kurt Vile , All Saints Church, Hove, April 13

The Argus: Kurt Vile, photo by Mike Burnell

12:29pm Tuesday 15th April 2014

Bright acoustics filled All Saints Church as the Philadelphian’s intimate solo performance made for a relaxing evening. Anyone hoping for a beer-chugging mosh pit would have left disappointed as the audience sat courteously in the pews. A spotlight shone down on a casual-looking chair placed on the stage in front of the altar. A personal feel seemed key to the show.

Midge Ure, Ropetackle Arts Centre, Shoreham, April 12

The Argus: Midge Ure

12:27pm Tuesday 15th April 2014

Midge Ure still has such an iconic sound that hearing him sing Vienna and The Voice was something an audience he described cheekily as “slightly used New Romantics” would find hard to forget.

Forest Swords, Green Door Store, Brighton, April 11

12:25pm Tuesday 15th April 2014

The worldly influences of the Liverpudlian’s euphoric rhythms glazed over The Green Door Store as Forest Swords captured the minds of watchers with isolating melodies and experimental drum effects.

Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story, Theatre Royal Brighton, until April 19, call 0844 8717650

9:35am Tuesday 15th April 2014

The Buddy Holly story rolls on as audiences at Theatre Royal Brighton revel in the hit musical Buddy.

David Lynch Presents Chrysta Bell, Brighton Dome Studio Theatre, April 12

9:29am Tuesday 15th April 2014

On Saturday night in the dark little box that is Brighton Dome Studio Theatre, the sexiest thing that’s ever happened to Brighton occurred, courtesy of reigning monarch of sinister post-modern cinema, David Lynch.

Brighton Music Conference, Various venues, April 11/12

10:35am Monday 14th April 2014

Spread over two days, with the Friday aimed at industry insiders and the Saturday aimed at a more general consumer market, the inaugural Brighton Music Conference offered a huge range of talks and demonstrations.

Banff Mountain Film Festival, Brighton Dome Concert Hall, April 11

The Argus: Banff Mountain Film Festival, Brighton Dome Concert Hall, April 11

10:33am Monday 14th April 2014

Forget the superheroes currently lining up at your local multiplex cinema, Friday night was an opportunity to see a diverse collection of super-humans defy the odds and perform death-defying feats for real.

Lloyd Cole, Komedia, Brighton, April 9

4:30pm Thursday 10th April 2014

There was always a pleasingly melancholic edge to even the jauntiest Lloyd Cole And The Commotions track, despite the youth of the band, which was probably why their seminal debut album Rattlesnakes became the suede and corduroy-tinged soundtrack of 1980s student-dom.

Manic Street Preachers, Brighton Centre, April 9

4:28pm Thursday 10th April 2014

Manic Street Preachers were supposed to be the anti-establishment men who self-destructed. But playing old anthems to half-empty arenas in front of pictures of their younger selves felt like the act of a band who’ve turned into everything they used to hate.

Endgame, Emporium, Brighton, April 9

3:51pm Thursday 10th April 2014

“What have I got to keep me here?” asks put-upon servant Clov in Samuel Beckett’s classic tragicomedy Endgame. “The dialogue,” is the decrepit Hamm’s telling response.

Singin’ In The Rain, Congress Theatre, Eastbourne, until April 19

3:49pm Thursday 10th April 2014

“Good mornin’, good mornin’!” Chances are you’ll know the opening lines of the song Good Morning even if you don’t quite know why – such is the legacy of the 1952 Hollywood blockbuster Singin’ In The Rain.

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, Theatre Royal Brighton, until April 12, call 0844 8717650

The Argus: Seven Brides For Seven Brothers

11:31am Wednesday 9th April 2014

This latest stage version of a classic screen musical is a riot of colour with spectacular dance routines, combining grace with athletic exuberance. The show is full of songs – film familiars augmented by new ones.

Iain Matthews, The Greys, Brighton, April 7

12:32pm Tuesday 8th April 2014

“I’ve built a career out of doing other people’s songs,” said Iain Matthews. He then played The Beatles Can’t Buy Me Love after two hour-long sets of almost entirely his own songs.

The Anniversary, Brighton Dome Concert Hall, April 6

The Argus: Brothers John and Dave Pyper at The Anniversary, photo by Liz Finlayson

2:16pm Monday 7th April 2014

Where else to celebrate four decades of ABBA fanaticism than at the venue that hosted their vibrantly colourful entrance on to the world stage of pop at Eurovision 1974?

Boyce Avenue, All Saints Church, Hove, April 4

2:12pm Monday 7th April 2014

Despite not having TV or radio coverage, Boyce Avenue are currently on their sixth European tour since the band formed in 2004.

The Tin Soldier, Connaught Theatre, Worthing, April 6

The Argus: The Tin Soldier

12:05pm Monday 7th April 2014

The Connaught’s new children’s programme has been largely sold out over the past few months, but Sunday’s The Tin Soldier wasn’t. An inexplicable turn of events, since Storybox Theatre’s telling of the Hans Christian Anderson tale was the stand-out performance of an altogether excellent series of plays.

Scottee: Hamburger Queen, The Marlborough Theatre, Brighton, April 4

12:03pm Monday 7th April 2014

Scottee’s Hamburger Queen is a bold theatrical experience slash beauty pageant; a world in which normality is cheekily reversed and drag queen make-up is de rigour. The Marlborough Theatre threw open its doors to an enthusiastic audience who watched three contestants battle for a place in the Hamburger Queen final. The twist is that these ladies are fat and we were all there to celebrate their non-traditional beauty.

An Evening with Stars from Strictly Come Dancing, Worthing Pavilion, April 4

The Argus: Pasha Kovalev and Katya Vershilas in costume

9:42am Saturday 5th April 2014

THE beautiful Worthing Pavilion was again a perfect setting for a night of latin and ballroom dancing from the television stars Pasha Kovalev and Katya Virshilas.

David Sedaris, Brighton Dome Concert Hall, April 3

The Argus: David Sedaris. Photo by Hugh Hamrick

5:05pm Friday 4th April 2014

Judging by the claps and cheers filling a full house before he shuffled on stage, David Sedaris would have been preaching to the converted had he solemnly recited random extracts from the phonebook .

The Taming Of The Shrew, De La Warr Pavilion, April 3

5:03pm Friday 4th April 2014

In Shakespeare’s original version the story of Petruchio’s “taming” of his shrew, Katharina, was presented by way of metatheatre; a play within a play. It was thought this might be Shakespeare’s way of distancing himself from the misogynistic overtones, sexist even by Elizabethan standards.

A Month In The Country, The Old Market, Hove, until April 5, call 01273 201801

4:45pm Friday 4th April 2014

Love is a catastrophe, says Michel to Alexei in the last act of Turgenev’s A Month In The Country, at the end of which you believe him. On stage are thwarted, undeclared or unconsummated passions for married mothers, young tutors, innocent girls, family friends or servant girls: escape is only possible through mariage de convenance, or a train to Moscow. Happiness is not on offer. It’s a challenging play for young actors: plot as character develops as slowly as Turgenev’s own ‘lace from knots’, with only the merest of gestures for Natalya to demonstrate passive, Russian fatalism. But this allowed time for growing confidence – there was an early tendency to rush.

Shooting Truth, The Barn, Southwick, April 3

4:42pm Friday 4th April 2014

It was good to see the resurrection of Young Wick after a period of dormancy. Their choice of play was an interesting one that involved two time zones, with present day children shooting a film of a local legend from four centuries earlier. The action crisscrossed with the enactment of that legend, involving a girl thought to be a witch and the persecution from her peers.

Let’s Wrestle, Green Door Store, Brighton, April 2

4:39pm Friday 4th April 2014

Let’s Wrestle’s ramshackle nature belies singer Wesley Patrick Gonzalez’s ear for a crafty hook.

Miranda Hart, Brighton Centre, April 1

The Argus: Miranda Hart. Photo by Jay Brooks

1:16pm Wednesday 2nd April 2014

I’m a big fan of Miranda. Next time I have a party, I’m definitely going to ask her along. She’d be the life and soul.

Eternal Love, Theatre Royal Brighton, until April 5, call 0844 8717650

The Argus: Abelard and Heloise

1:21pm Wednesday 2nd April 2014

The love between Abelard, a 12th-century philosopher and teacher, and his pupil Heloise is regarded as one of the greatest love stories. With them, the meeting of their minds matched the intensity of the meeting of their bodies.

Robert Glasper, Concorde 2, Brighton, April 1

1:19pm Wednesday 2nd April 2014

Jazz can seem perennially stuck in a bygone era, never quite able to get over its icons or entice a new generation.

Tinie Tempah, Brighton Centre, March 31

The Argus: Tinie Tempah, photo by Mike Burnell

10:01am Tuesday 1st April 2014

Tinie Tempah last visited Brighton in 2012 and since then has gone from strength to strength.

Goldfrapp, Brighton Dome Concert Hall, March 29

The Argus: Goldfrapp, photo by Mike Burnell

3:03pm Monday 31st March 2014

Nearly 15 years ago Goldfrapp emerged into a post-Britpop landscape populated by the electronic restlessness of Radiohead’s Kid A and the soon-to-be world-conquering sounds of Coldplay’s Parachutes.

Brighton Festival Chorus, All Saints Church, Hove, March 29

3:00pm Monday 31st March 2014

There is something fundamentally moving about hearing dozens of human voices singing in harmony and this performance by the 130 members of Brighton Festival Chorus was both uplifting and enriching.

Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra, Brighton Dome Concert Hall, March 30

2:59pm Monday 31st March 2014

The 89th season of Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra has been a tough one, with a lack of funding threatening their future. So it was to much applause that the Orchestra’s musical director, Barry Wordsworth, confirmed that the next season will definitely be going ahead.

La Luz, Green Door Store, Brighton, March 30

The Argus: La Luz, photo by Angel Ceballos

2:55pm Monday 31st March 2014

Seattle’s all-girl four-piece La Luz played their first UK gig at the Green Door Store on Sunday and, as the venue slowly filled out, their confidence – at first perhaps knocked by sound issues and feedback – grew palpably.

Collectress, Little St Peter’s Church, Preston Park, March 30

The Argus: Collectress

2:54pm Monday 31st March 2014

Dreamy, heartfelt and utterly original music performed in one of Brighton’s oldest and most lovely churches was a teatime treat on Mothering Sunday.

Ugly Duckling, Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Brighton , March 30

2:51pm Monday 31st March 2014

Sticky Mike’s got a great Frog Bar and on Sunday night it became a hotbed of ecstasy as Long Beach, California’s exuberant hip-hop exports Ugly Duckling performed the final UK gig of their current tour.

Banks, Concorde 2, Brighton, March 29

2:49pm Monday 31st March 2014

While news of Kate Bush’s forthcoming gigs has sent baby-boomer bloggers into a frenzy, late-millennials have a new star to worship.

Dark Horses, Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Brighton, March 29

The Argus: Dark Horses

2:47pm Monday 31st March 2014

There was something a little too studied, and perhaps pre-planned, about Dark Horses’s show on Saturday. It took the best bits of 1970s New York, UK punk, repetition from the likes of Clinic and even a smidgen of Garbage, then mixed them up, but sadly came out the other end with something a tad dull.

Sick! Festival: For Their Own Good, Brighton Dome Studio Theatre, March 28

2:45pm Monday 31st March 2014

For Their Own Good by Untied Artists was a direct piece of verbatim theatre using puppetry to tell stories of death through the eyes of two knackermen. Pulling together threads of tales told by people who are close to death every day, For Their Own Good highlighted the necessity to talk about this difficult subject matter and to make plans with your loved ones for the inevitable.

Lisa Knapp, Ropetackle Arts Centre, Shoreham, March 28

The Argus: Lisa Knapp

2:24pm Monday 31st March 2014

“Most songs are slightly magical,” she remarked during her encore but any song would be magical when sang by the extraordinary talent that is Lisa Knapp.

Jay Rayner, Ropetackle Centre, Shoreham, March 27

3:26pm Friday 28th March 2014

Supermarkets aren’t evil, importing lamb from New Zealand is more environmentally friendly than eating British, and organic food is a con.

Miles Kane, Concorde 2, Brighton, March 26

The Argus: Miles Kane

3:11pm Thursday 27th March 2014

Brighton is known as the mod capital of the world and Miles Kane hitting Concorde 2 on Wednesday night was like stepping into a time capsule from the 1960s.

The 39 Steps, The Barn, Southwick, until March 29, call 01273 597094

3:09pm Thursday 27th March 2014

This stage version of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film is a hilarious spoof in which the Wick Theatre Company play with the meticulous precision required by the piece.

Katy B, Concorde 2, Brighton, March 25

The Argus: Katy B, photo by Mike Burnell

11:38am Wednesday 26th March 2014

The sense of adulation that welcomed Katy B on stage last night was palpable. Club queen 24-year-old Kathleen Anne Brien didn't hang about, launching straight into some of her biggest hits, including Crying For No Reason, Easy Please Me and Aliyah.

Miles Jupp, Corn Exchange, Brighton, March 25

The Argus: Miles Jupp

11:36am Wednesday 26th March 2014

Miles Jupp freely admits to being old before his time, is clearly partial to the odd cardigan and is prone to speaking like he has a plum or two in his mouth.

Usurp Chance Tour With Stewart Lee, Komedia, Brighton, March 25

The Argus: Stewart Lee, photo by Steve Ullathorne

11:33am Wednesday 26th March 2014

In Komedia’s laidback underground North Lanes lair, tables on the stage were covered in toys. A child’s Speak & Spell, modified stylophones, a Barbie strapped to a sitar and a biscuit tin, just a few of the curios on display, were a colourful aesthetic introduction to the Conspirators of Pleasure.

Howler, Bermuda Triangle, Brighton, March 25

The Argus: Howler

11:31am Wednesday 26th March 2014

On their last visit to Brighton, Rough Trade-signed Howler appeared to be admired exclusively by discerning, vinyl-clinching types of an age several years their senior. Nearly 18 months on, their demographic appears to have altered dramatically – tunnelled close enough to the stage to make crowd-surfing mandatory, the fans who crammed in to hear much of new album World Of Joy resembled the younger siblings of a quartet barely old enough to drink in their native Minnesota.

Russell Howard, Brighton Centre, March 24

12:22pm Tuesday 25th March 2014

There is no doubting Russell Howard can work a crowd. The 33-year-old has been a familiar face on our TV screens for years and the fact he’s embarking on a multi-stop national tour suggests he is doing something right.

The End Of The Beginning, New Venture Theatre, until March 29, call 01273 746118

1:58pm Monday 24th March 2014

New theatre, old joke: it takes six men to do the work of one housewife, especially if one of them can’t see through his glasses and all of them are Irish.

Austen’s Women, Connaught Theatre, Worthing, March 21

1:56pm Monday 24th March 2014

The public’s affection for Jane Austen is far greater in proportion to the small number of books she was able to write before her untimely death. The quality of the writing has ensured her immortality.


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