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    Ashles wrote:
    ZeeGee, ffs wrote:
    Ashles wrote:
    ZeeGee, ffs wrote:
    Ashles wrote:
    ZeeGee, ffs wrote:
    Ashles wrote: So these 'patriots' are so deeply proud of their country that they... walk along and shout "Eng-er-land"? That's it? That's the extent of their ability to express pride in their country? (Other than stretching a St George's Cross into a strange curved shape across their expansive bellies) Those children in that other Argus story exhibited a greater understanding of the history and culture of this country. I wonder if you asked the average MfE 'patroit' a few questions about this country (of which they are, you remember, so proud) how well they would be able to answer? it's almost as though they aren't actually expressing 'pride in their country' but more 'hatred for things they don't like' (their own impotent rage at their inabilty to address their own inadequacies seemingly a top contender). I bet they have many stories on subjects like: 'Things I heard about Sharia law...', "The EU wants to ban the pound, the Queen, the Bulldog and London" "My mate got turned away from a factory because he didn't speak polish..." Yet I bet they have very little knowledge on subjects like: The History of England England's place in the politics of the world Great artistic and scientific achievements England has given the world or How to organise a St George's Day fair
    Try not to guess how people celebrate their country. It extends far more than merely chanting England's name.
    Not at the 'March for England' it doesn't. Or does it? Do tell? Has the March got other events planned? Please let us know if the March for England has more planned than walking and shouting?
    The MFE is a single event. Do not try and guess what other activities the marchers have participated in during this week of celebrations.
    I'm afraid we can only go on what we can observe. No doubt all the Marchers spent this last week organising charity events, helping orphans and Morris Dancing, but all we will actually be able to observe is the March for England. Which, I assume you are agreeing, will consist entirely of walking and shouting. How inspiring. How could anyone watch such a spectacle and fail to feel proud of our National Identity. Every can of lager held will of course magnify the inspiring effect.
    So you've realised how stupid you were making assumptions on what the marchers have been doing.
    Still baffled eh? I'll make it clearer then so you can understand.

    I am making the assumption that the marchers have done NOTHING in the lead up to the march that would constitute a positive St George's Day event.
    I am assuming their ENTIRE 'celebration' of St George's Day will consist of this sad and unpleasant little March which will involve only walking and shouting.

    You can insinuate or even outright claim that this is not the case. And no-one will believe you.
    Because the only actual evidence we have of how these Marchers like to celebrate their 'pride' is in the nature of this March.

    "I am making the assumption"

    So you admit to assuming something without having any evidence to back it up.

    That's what constitutes prejudice.....try and avoid it."
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March for England route to be reviewed after Brighton road collapse

March for England route to be reviewed after Brighton road collapse

March for England route to be reviewed after road collapse

March for England route to be reviewed after road collapse

First published in News
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Sunday's March for England event may be moved following the collapse of a road, police have confirmed.

The annual nationalist march is due to be held along the A259 King’s Road, Brighton.

Earlier this morning (April 25) part of the road collapsed.

Workmen had been fixing a fire exit at the Fortune of War pub, situated below the road.

The hole is located where nationalists are due to congregate ahead of the march on Sunday.

A Sussex Police spokeswoman said experts were on the scene carrying out an inspection.

She added a decision would be made later today or tomorrow into whether the march should be moved further down the road.

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