Daredevil volunteers are being sought to observe frisky sharks in an attempt to spot early signs of courtship.

A new mother and a soon-to-be-mum are the first two to sign up to the conservation scheme which is being launched at Brighton Sea Life Centre.

It is hoped Kate Jantay and Keighley Valdivielso's heightened maternal instincts will help them spot tell-tale breeding signs among the endangered blacktip reef sharks.

The volunteer shark watchers will be given hints on courtship signs to watch out for before watching from the viewing tunnel.

They will then fill in a four-page survey to help staff establish if breeding is about to or has taken place.

Experts can then put measures in place, such as creating corals or removing offspring to smaller tanks, to make sure breeding is successful.

Mrs Jantay, whose husband Gustav works at the centre, said: “He talks about the sharks all the time and I'm really looking forward to spending some time watching them and looking for signs of courtship.”

Anyone who wants to volunteer for the scheme should call 01273 604234.