AN ILL couple decided to grow cannabis in their home to ease their health troubles.

Suzanne Martin, who suffers from several forms of cancer and her husband Chris, who has heart troubles, decided over dinner one night to grow the plants illegally in their son’s bedroom at their home in Marine Parade, Seaford.

But the police raided their home after a tip-off last October and found a sophisticated hydroponic cannabis growing set up and 28 cannabis plants.

Kevin Thomson prosecuting said: “They made a statement to the police saying they grown the cannabis because of their various medical conditions they suffer from.

“They had a discussion over dinner about the fact that using cannabis could aid pain relief.

“Then they made a decision between them to grow cannabis for their own personal use.

“Suzanne Martin suffers from various forms of cancer and tumours.

“Chris Martin has heart problems.

“Their son has walking problems from a historic car accident.

Mr Martin told Brighton Magistrates’ Court last Wednesday: “I’m normally an honest person and I didn’t realise it was illegal”.

Magistrates fined the pair £200 each plus £85 court costs and £20 victim surcharge.