AN interactive street exhibition using new Augmented Reality technology was launched yesterday to celebrate the city’s music legacy.

The Brighton Music Walk of Fame stretches down the south side of Madeira Drive from Brighton Pier to Concorde 2.

It features the names of 40 musical figures from the last 50 years laid out as a trail of specially designed pavement graphics in the form of vinyl records.

The exhibition is the brainchild of producer and composer David Courtney, the man behind the Brighton Walk of Fame, in Brighton Marina, which became the first official walk outside of Hollywood in 1999.

Mr Courtney said: “Because it reflects five decades of musical legacy there’s something for everybody.

“It goes right back to people like The Who and Rod Stewart who all cut their teeth here back in the 1960s at clubs like The Flamingo Rooms or The Starlight Rooms.”

Brighton and Hove residents Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim, Zoe Ball and Nick Cave are also among those recognised.

Mr Courtney said: “It’s very eclectic. Brighton is a pioneering place for so many things but it’s always been a hotbed of music.

“Outside London you would be hard-pressed to find somewhere with so many names attached to it.”

Five of the specially designed pavement graphics are embedded with Augmented Reality (AR) technology developed by Brighton-based Boing Splash Media.

AR works by aiming a camera at a picture. When the camera detects the picture it attaches a 3D sculpture which can be viewed from all sides but which is invisible to others.

For details or to download the free app to enable the AR content visit