EVER wondered what career will make you truly happy?

Now there’s a course launching to help people find it.

Sam Zubaidi, enterprise officer at the University of Brighton, has developed Don’t Worry, Be Happy – a five week training course which will help people choose work that makes them the happiest.

Mr Zubaidi said figures show more than 420,000 people in Britain experience work stress or anxiety.

He said: “I love what I do at the university and it makes me happy – I now want to help others find work that makes them happy.

“We spend 35 per cent of our waking week at work, so I think it’s essential that we are happy there.”

The course was developed by Mr Zubaidi alongside an experienced psychotherapist and business coach.

The course will comprise a one-to-one session per week and one short piece of homework per week.

For every four places Mr Zubaidi sells on the course, he has promised to give a free place to someone leaving higher education in Brighton and Hove.

He said: “From my experience, it is they that could use it most, as they begin their venture into the real world of work.”

Mr Zubaidi also said that, after graduating from university, he and his friends had no idea what they wanted to do in the future.

Clare Griffiths, business development manager at the University of Brighton, said: “This course is a fantastic way for individuals to reflect on their own skills and strengths, and explore how they can find work to make them happy.”

Mr Zubaidi is currently training as a psychotherapist and has a degree in economics and management from Leeds University Business School.

He has used a crowd-funding campaign to raise funds to launch the course.

For more information people should visit www.indiegogo.com/ projects/happiness-working