Staff at a pharmacy are getting passionate about sun cream as part of a summer campaign.

Sharps Pharmacy, in Coombe Road, Brighton, is promoting the use of sun cream to help people choose the right SPF (sun protection factor) for their families over the high season.

The Sun Savvy Campaign aims to raise SPF awareness for the school summer holidays.

Pictured from left to right are Lyn Pitt, Fergus Inglis and Sam Wilson, who all work at the pharmacy.

The shop joins two other Sussex-based pharmacies, O’Flinns in Islingword Road, Brighton, and Seaforth Pharmacy in Vicarage Lane, Hailsham, as part of the national campaign.

Fergus Inglis, from Sharps Pharmacy, said: “Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the UK, with rates at their highest in 30 years, so choosing the right SPF for you and your family has never been more important.

“People often believe a higher SPF will stop them getting that holiday tan but that’s not the case.

“Neither is it true that a high SPF means you don’t need to put as much on.

“You should apply your sunscreen 30 minutes before exposure and every two hours or after you’ve been in water, even if it’s a water-proof brand.”