Cheerful revellers assembled around the Parlure, one of the Spiegeltent venues set up on the Old Steine, and queued up to collect cordless headphones.

These had two settings that were easy to flip between rival DJs: Margot’s Party on one channel versus Jessica Joy and Gus Pirelli on the other.

As the crowds gathered outside, many were already bopping and singing along to James Brown, creating an infectiously good-humoured atmosphere.

At any moment half of the audience were grooving to classic soul and funk, while the rest were throwing their hands in the air to dance anthems.

Simply lifting off the headphones enabled conversations without shouting, while hilariously revealing the uninhibited, tuneless singing and whooping usually drowned out.

The party continued in Bacchanalian fashion under the trees outside, with glamorous groups quietly getting on down.

One beer-splattering collision resulted when someone dancing next to me leapt into a dramatic pose to Fame – but the overwhelming good nature of the party-goers, and the general fabulously exuberant atmosphere made it forgivable.

Please, Brighton promoters, will someone put on headphone parties as a regular club night?