It wasn’t until the early hours of Saturday morning that Peace took to the Green Door Store stage, but the hotly-tipped youngsters had the venue bouncing right up until a chaotic ending featuring stage invasions, crowd surfers and general euphoria.

Perhaps it was the result of a crammed venue putting on an exciting act at 1.30am, but it felt more like a club night as the floor heaved and bounced in unison to tracks such as Bloodshake and California Daze.

1998 was a particular highlight, with brilliant screeching guitar and a tight rhythm section creating something akin to an Explosions In The Sky track, treading a wonderful line between laidback funk verse and tense noise-rock crescendos.

There was more than a hint of Oasis and the Stone Roses to Peace’s setlist, as they traded on classic Manchester guitar lines and hooky singalong choruses. But the band did it so well, it was hard to quibble with their plundering of the past. The set ended with the guitarist high up on the PA speakers before diving into the waiting arms of an appreciative crowd as they crowned themselves heirs to the indie throne. On the evidence of this show, they can certainly fill the hole left in people’s hearts by the warring Gallagher brothers.