The snow set in but that didn’t deter fans from reaching the Prince Albert for the second night of One-Inch Badge’s annual week-long festival, Sea Monsters.

Under dangling sea-themed decorations, the audience awaited the bands poised to cement Brighton’s stellar reputation for live music.

First on stage were Great Pagans, whose sunshine-tinged, laid-back music could be the soundtrack to a Sofia Coppola film. The addictive Teenage Silhouettes demonstrated the band’s great potential as catchy songwriters.

Next up, Tigercub, who merged glam rock and grunge punk with a sleazy, innate swagger. They’re charming and charismatic on stage, but with a barely-concealed edge.

The penultimate act were Traams, a trio originally hailing from Chichester who are widely accepted as one of the region’s most exciting new bands. Their tracks build menacingly, pulling influences from shoe-gaze, indie and American grunge to create an intense and compelling sound.

Negative Pegasus were the headliners of Sea Monsters’ second night, and despite aching ears afterwards, were unquestionably worth braving the snow. The contrasting on-stage styles of the band members led to a fascinating chemistry, and a mesmerising performance from Todd Jordan.

Negative Pegasus’ heavy, spell-binding take on hard psych-rock is an aural assault, but one you’ll want to repeat.