Gogol Bordello are what would happen if a punk band crashed headfirst into a gypsy circus.

Oompahing onto the stage at the Brighton Dome lead by frontman Eugene Hutz, you knew tonight is going to be a wild one. And aside from an opening speed-bump when Hutz mic was broken for the first verse of the opener, it was a nonstop onslaught of Balkan beats.

The already sweltering Dome was filled with a thin mist of steaming sweat as Gogol Bordello stormed through their 105 minute set. Grooving seamless from punk band, to gypsy folksters, with even a bit of marching band thrown in - the nine-piece didn't miss a beat.

Fans belted shanty-esque singalongs and danced from the floor to the top of the relatively empty balconies - feeding on Gogol Bordello's endless font of high-octane ramble rousing. Footstomping during Immigraniada and Start Wearing Purple threatened to shake the Dome to its foundation.

Accordions groaned and fiddles screeched as shirtless, long haired and moustached Hutz became the equivalent of gypsy Jesus leading his sermon on the mount. Riding a drum into the crowd like a tribal king being carried on a shield, the manic Ukrainian is one of the world's great frontmen.

Gogol Bordello's onslaught was only broken by brief interludes such as a Caribbean-flavoured deconstruction of Wondelust King. This was one big crazy gypsy party to which everyone was welcome. And it was all under the message if "peace and community", as said by percussionist and MC Pedro Erazo.

A five-song encore was heralded on by fans chanted "oh Gogol Bordello" to the the tune of Seven Nation Army. Backing singers marched back and forth banging giant drums, while Hutz battered a red fire bucket hanging from his mic stand for Think Locally, F*** Globally.

Beautiful insanity from start to finish.